A Smack Upside The Head


“Is that all?” my mother asked incredulously. To this day I remember her question as well as the accompanying look of  relief as she tried to console me. It was a warm sunny June day in 1991 and I was sitting on our back patio in Sarnia feeling everything but sunny. An hour earlier I […]

I’m Having Visions Too


I’ve never really been a fan of television. While I have my favourite programs I much prefer to settle down with a variety of books ranging from science fiction to fantasy to philosophy. One such book I picked up off my dusty shelf was written by former Globe and Mail columnist Thomas Hurka, “Principles: Short […]

Q & A With Councillor Halberstadt


Q:  So you have announced you will not be seeking re-election.  What made you come to this decision? A:  Seventeen years is a long time and the job is getting tougher not easier. The job is very demanding and tends to consume you. Not getting any younger obviously. I need to spend more quality time […]

Naysayers Take A Bow


Nattering nabobs, blackshirts, conspiracy theorists, wing nuts, haters, idiots and whatever other names our beloved Mayor and his media scribes ascribed to those that dare voice their opinion – take a bow. You deserve it – you are now officially credible. According to Mayor Francis, “council dealt with the city’s $750-million budget in record time, […]

If You Can’t Take the Heat – Call People Idiots


That’s today’s lesson brought to you courtesy of the Windsor Star’s Doug Schmidt. Now some people  believe reporting the news is as easy as asking a few questions, writing the story and publishing it. While that may be true in some cases, it generally is not reality. Questions have to be constructed.  If the interviewee […]

Change The Star Regrets


Several years ago on April 18, 2006 Marty Beneteau of the Windsor Star said, “We did things that newspapers can do to bring about change, positive change.” And with respect to the provincial election, change is what  Windsor got when voters painted Windsor-Essex orange. Reminiscent of former US  Republican President Ronald Reagan, the Star’s Editorial […]

Perhaps I Should Run For Council


Should Ward 4 councillor Alan Halberstadt decide to seek out a 6th term in October’s municipal election, Mayor Eddie Francis has  given him a significant boost in an unconventional way. More than two years ago, the councillor filed a Freedom of Information request to make public the amount of the lease agreement between Premier Aviation […]

The Magical Surplus Fairy


There is no doubt the city-owned water park and pool – brought to you by WFCU – is a magical place full of laughter and fun. But it seems the aquatics center steering committee has also experienced some magic of its own. Apparently, the $78-million dollar project has almost $1-million left in a contingency fund.    […]

Where Is Windsor?


FINA officials have asked it (Dalsen Chen, Aug 28, 2012, Windsor Star).  Toronto Mayor Rob Ford doesn’t know.  And now a City of Windsor ad supporting the automotive industry has everyone asking, “Where the hell is Windsor??”  

Mayor’s Banked Vacation An Unfunded Liability


It seems my last column, “Is Council On Vacation?” caused some controversy – at least according to some messages I received about the vacation policy as described by the Windsor Star’s Doug Schmidt, January 2. You see, Mayor Francis is nothing short of a martyr. Rolling up his sleeves, pulling his weight and foregoing family time to […]

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