Fog Is Finally Clearing


It’s not only Drew Dilkens’ memory that has grown foggy when it comes to the issue of the Auditor General.  Dilkens is making the erroneous claim city council has an independent auditor general through PricewaterHouse Coopers; the outside firm council hired after eliminating the Auditor General position. Voters have good reason for suffering from whiplash after the Windsor Star […]

Diestelmann: My Heart Is In This Ward


Rats, crime, neighbourhood development, public transit and reinstating the auditor general are just some of the issues ward 5 candidate Randy Diestelmann wants to tackle if elected to city council October 27th. While the father of 2 does not live in the ward he says, “My heart is in this ward,” pointing to his personal investments of both time and […]

Mancini: Mums The Word


Ward 1 candidate Ryan Mancini may be campaigning on increased accountability and access to information, but mums the word when it comes to questions about his residency and employment. Mancini, who entered the race June 19th, states on his campaign website he “accepted a job as an Economist/Policy Analyst for the Canadian federal government in Ottawa” and […]

Another Dilkens Allocated Blunder


“Unallocated  money?” What the dilkens does that  mean? How can  $268-million be  unallocated? Where  was it  hiding in the budget for all  of these years? If that’s case, why wasn’t there a tax reduction? With the  unplowed streets  in winter and basements flooding  in summer, can  it  be viewed as the  ultimate  slush(y) fund? No matter which […]

T’was just months before the election …


T’was just months before the election and all through the streets, candidates were canvassing, but of Enwin nary a peep. Up until now visions of sugar-plums had been dancing in  Mayor Francis’ head. There had been no discussion of Enwin and the Auditor General issue had faded into obscurity. Even city councilor Alan Halberstadt observed, “Certainly all […]

Horwitz Serves Up Waffles


While the issues raised by those the media and certain councilors call ‘naysayers’  are being adopted by many of the candidates in this year’s municipal election; you have to read between the lines to understand what some are apparently saying. Take Mayoral candidate Larry Horwitz as an example. While we know where Drew Dilkens stands […]

Naysayer Manifesto Adopted By … Everyone


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the unfolding municipal election is no exception. The past 11 years are best described as the failure of leadership and an agenda of cheap political points over building consensus as critics were (and still are)  increasingly targeted with hate-filled vitriol. Alain De Botton, a Swiss born author, may have been […]

Ward 5 Web Review


This has been an interesting exercise. The majority of candidates who have contacted me have been appreciative; however some have told me they would have preferred I contacted them quietly. Others are complaining in social networks that I haven’t even mentioned their name – hard to do when I had yet to review their website or even receive […]

Sweet Victory


“Ethics?  Why start now?” So wrote Paul Synnott on a blog site in response to my entry where I declared a conflict in Ward 4. My column questioning whether or not there was a slate being run was met with charges of tin-foil hats, conspiracy theorists and other commentary including an attack against my mother – something sadly expected […]

Potty-Mouthed Posse Strikes


Almost to this day, I began blogging as a candidate during the 2006 election.   While not nearly as prolific, I’m still at it some eight years later. As a communications student, I began to become interested in the printed word; the power relationships between the media and government; the use of images as communication, media […]

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