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Windsor Square’s Best Big City Neighbourhood Achievement

After the recent award is given to Windsor Square, another milestone has been achieved by the residences. Windsor Square was included as one of the best Big City Neighbourhoods across Canada.

According to the result, the neighbourhood’s best achievement is its mid-century cottages. The annual home tour of Windsor Square is also considered an excellent program for people who want to understand its history and how architectural designs have evolved and influenced modern design houses.

The location is also very strategic as it is near the commercial streets and at the same time near the school with complete equipment and facilities. One of the residences who have been living in Windsor Square for the past 10 years said in an interview that she has been happier when establishments, shops, cafes, and lifestyle activities are popping up near where she lives.

Out of this positive review, the only downside with Windsor Square is that the lot areas are “a bit small” and changes are still required. However, such changes will need prior approval from the historic preservation board.