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Traffic complaints are handled directly by the Traffic Enforcement Head Department. You can email them directly at or through their hotline at (519) 255-6298.

Windsor Square traffic plans are aligned with the government’s effort to ease congestion and direct the flow of cars and other modes of transport. These involve the following:0

  • Within the vicinity of Windsor Square, traffic flow should be maintained to ensure residences’ private living
  • Traffic flow should be on the appropriate level without jeopardizing bikeways, walkways, thoroughfares, and roadways.
  • Street level driving under 40 KPH should be maintained for the convenience of the neighbourhood
  • Residents should have more access to the neighbourhood through clear and clean roadways
  • Parking of vehicles should not hinder other residential property

Windsor Traffic Enforcement meets every first Friday of the Month. Records of vehicular accidents, pedestrian accidents, and traffic congestion are covered throughout the session. Residents are also encouraged to send their feedback, complaints, and suggestions to the Windsor Square Traffic Department.

  • As of 2019, Windsor Square Traffic Department has recorded the following:
  • 2 car accidents; 3 injured and zero casualties
  • 30% increase in car volume over the past 10 years
  • 30 KPH average vehicle speed
  • Traffic flow has increased by 10%

Visible car patrols have increased.