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Location and Area

Windsor Square is more than just a neighbourhood. Its location is perfect for residents and even tourist who wants to experience rural life inside an urbanized city. Located in the southwestern part of Ontario, the place has its expansive view from its position to the nearest border of Detroit in the U.S.

Fronting the Detroit River, Windsor Square’s number of people visiting the place keep on increasing due to the Detroit-Windsor Ambassador Bridge connector. Apart from that, it’s also the busiest toll bridge in terms of trade volume.

Windsor is home to the automotive industry which makes the Windsor Square distinctively Canadian. The culturally diverse location makes it also perfect for Windsor Square to expand its area. Windsor Square has been part of the city’s development over the years through its people’s effort in terms of its manufacturing and industrial heritage.

Just down north of Windsor Square is the historic downtown street of Ouellette Avenue in Windsor, ON. The cityscape which offers parks and recreation includes a lush and green space, a forest within the city of Windsor, trails, sidewalks, and small and large vacant lands.

Windsor Square is also near the largest park to offer a variety of activities to the neighbourhood such as biking, sledding, soccer, and baseball.

Its neighbourhood is more active on biking with one of the largest bicycle lanes. Windsor Square’s nearest trail is the Windsor Trail Network which connects to the LaSalle Trail. It is also strategically located near the Windsor Sculpture Park with many different post-modern and modern sculptures such as horses, penguins, and other themed sculptures.

Moreover, Windsor Square is not just an area where diverse culture meets, but it is also more of a unified culture brought by different people expanding from the border of the U.S to the southwestern area of Windsor, ON.