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Advantage Card

The increasing number of cafes, restaurants, and shops within the vicinity of Windsor Square have led to making an Advantage card intended to get savings. An Advantage card is given to residents after paying the annual dues. Each resident who has an Advantage card can get up to 10% discount or more depending on where it is used within Windsor Square.

However, there are participating establishments outside Windsor Square where you can also get a discount upon purchase.

Aside from the discount, each purchase is also entitled to a point. Points collected can be used as an add-on discount for another product. Most of the participating restaurants have infused the point system.

For every 20 points collected, you can enjoy another 10% discount on top of the original discount. The more points collected, the more discount is applied to the participating products. For residents who have not yet live for a year but would like to get an Advantage card, the card will cost $29.99.