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Windsor Square Bags Award as “The Best Neighbourhood”

A recent magazine from Canada has named Windsor Square as the best neighbourhood across parts of the country. Over 50 residences have applied for the said award with different categories considered.

Categories for the said award include the following:

  • Walkability for the pedestrians
  • Loving nature which means more greener space, trees, and parks
  • Quality and novelty of the houses
  • Transportation
  • Ease of doing business
  • Group of neighbours
  • The diversity of culture
  • Safety and security programs
  • Cleanliness, and many more

These are the factors which were considered before awarding the award. Out of the 10 nominees who will compete for the award, only one will be hailed the winner. Scores are based on the factors provided, and judges are required to do a surprise visit.

Of the 10 nominees, Windsor Square boasted a score of 9.45 out 10, allowing it to be hailed as “the best neighbourhood”. According to one of the judges, Windsor Square’s location is a perfect place for people who want to live conveniently and comfortably. Public transport is not a problem, and light trails are just a few meters away.

Some cafes and shops are viable for every resident. At the same time, annual activities throughout Windsor Square have been applauded due to its services which are intended for diverse people living in Windsor Square.

“The award given to us in Windsor Square is proof that people from all walks of life can live peacefully. With unity, all things are possible!”, said the head of the residents in Windsor Square.