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Block Watch and Security

It is always for the best of the neighbourhood to maintain safety and security, and Windsor Square has been in a crusade to protect its residential property. The team of Block Watch Headquarters is just right behind the office of the Traffic Enforcement team. Every residence is encouraged to report malicious and suspicious activities.

Do not hesitate to contact BW Headquarters by dialling (519) 298-2146 or sending an email at

If you happened to witness a crime in progress, don’t hesitate to call 911 for appropriate response and assistance. Security is always the top priority of Windsor Square.

There are designated personnel in every Windsor Square headquarters for ease of doing the service. You may also contact the head personnel of Traffic Enforcement at (519) 256-3467 and the head personnel of Block Watch headquarters at (519) 297-2257.

The neighbourhood is also encouraged to attend monthly meetings together with the head of the residence, traffic team, and block watch team. Suggestions and complaints are altogether discussed to ensure the security of everyone.

You may also ask assistance from Block Watch headquarters to do daily checks on your house when it’s unoccupied. There will be a $5 daily fee to the Block Watch headquarters as it is not part of the contract.