Windsor Police Cleared In Man’s Death

(WINDSOR, ON) – Officers with the Windsor Police Service have been cleared in any wrong doing associated with the death of a man on June 21, 2016. The province’s Special Investigations Unit has reported that the man’s death was attributable to smoke inhalation and burns, “ with acute oxycodone and cocaine toxicity as a significant contributing factor to death.”

At around 4am, police were notified that a fire had been set and that a man was going “berserk”. Officers arrived to find a house fully engulfed in flames. Three officers entered the house in order to find and rescue the man, but the flames and smoke were overwhelming.

Windsor Fire and Rescue arrived at 4:19am and located the man on the second floor within minutes.

The man had set two fires within the home after losing his job earlier in the day.

The SIU stated that, “it is clear that officers did all that they could to attempt to save the Complainant from his own self-destructive actions. The Complainant’s death occurred despite the significant rescue attempts by all three police officers, and not because of them, and due primarily to the Complainant’s determination to take his own life.”

It is clear that they went into the home without personal protective gear and risked their safety despite the hazards in an attempt to save the Complainant’s life. These officers went over and above their duties by entering the house to try and save the Complainant’s life and should be commended for their efforts to save the complainant, despite the unfortunate outcome. – Tony Loparco, Director, Special Investigations Unit

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