The Arts On The Political Stage

(WINDSOR, ON) – The Arts Council Windsor and Region has joined forces with Ontarians for the Arts in a shared goal to engage with as many Members of Provincial Parliament and election candidates in as many ridings as possible during the lead-up to the provincial election on June 7. To date, there have been 34 meetings completed with more scheduled.

Ontarians for the Arts is a new inclusive, non-partisan movement intent on promoting the benefits of the arts in every city, community, and corner of the province.

“The arts benefit and affect us all on personal, intrinsic, cognitive, and social levels,”  said Katherine Carleton, co-chair of Ontarians for the Arts. “The arts contribute to the vibrancy of communities and to the lives of everyday Ontarians in cities and communities big and small.”

ACWR has invited candidates from all parties to meet with them to discuss the importance of the arts to the community and its role in our economy and quality of life. Each candidate was asked the same two questions and the results are available on the ACWR website.

“This advocacy campaign is about building relationships,” said ACWR’s director of public programs and advocacy, Julie Tucker. “This is an election year and we want to make sure our decision-makers understand why arts are important to the well-being of our community, the economy, and the education of youth to prepare them for the workforce.”

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