School Board Retraction

An article written by Jessica Faught entitled School Board Under Fire, and originally published 28 September 2018, concerned, in part, alleged “ethnic fraud” at the Greater Essex County District School Board. The article dealt with alleged cultural appropriation of various people at the school board, the redirection of funds for First Nations education, and a Human Rights complaint launched with regards to the board’s hiring practice.

Mr Ron Leclair, a named subject in the article, contacted The Square expressing concern about comments made regarding his claim of Metis heritage. Mr Leclair was gracious enough to provide background information substantiating the authenticity of his heritage claims. He also clarified and corrected details of the article alluding to material personal gain due to his identification as Metis.

Furthermore, a letter from the Chair of the GECDSB, Kim McKinley, categorically denied that three other individuals, Tina De Castro, Dr Clara Howitt, and Julia Burgess, have ever “self-identified as Metis.” As well, “there is no evidence that any of the above persons either individually or together participated in this committee for the purpose of higher positions.”

Internally, leadership at The Square has researched each of the issues, discovered the forms they took, and has taken corrective action. Square Media Group and Ms Faught have removed instances of the article in question and apologizes to the four members of the GECDSB. Additionally, this apology is being published, without prejudice.

Square Media Group regrets any conclusions our readership may have inferred from the misrepresented portions of the article.

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