New Book Delves Into Local French History

Fruits-of-Preserverance(WINDSOR, ON) – A new book examining the historical French presence in the Detroit area in 1701 is now available for pre-order through McGill-Queen’s University Press. Written by Windsor’s Guillaume Teasdale, Fruits of Perseverance: The French Presence in the Detroit River Region, 1701-1815 is one in a 4-part series examining the founding of colonial Detroit by French settlers.

Teasdale is assistant professor of history and director of the Detroit River Border Region Digital History Project at the University of Windsor. He explores the historiography of New France and French North America with a focussed lens on the thousands of French settlers who established deep roots on both sides of the Detroit River.

Exploring the French colonial presence in Detroit, from its establishment to its dissolution in the early nineteenth century, Fruits of Perseverance explains how a society similar to the rural settlements of the St Lawrence valley developed in an isolated place and how it survived well beyond the fall of New France.

As related in Fruits of Perseverance, between the 1730s and 1750s French authorities encouraged settlers to establish orchards, farms, and windmills, but after New France’s defeat, at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1763, these settlers found themselves living under the British flag in an Aboriginal world.

On their doorstep was the newly independent United States and its expansion west.

Upon this stage, Teasdale offers a peek through the window at the development of the local French community and the legacy which is continued to be celebrated in this area today.

Pre-sale of Fruits of Perseverance is available online.

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