Liberals Say NDP Will Kill High Speed Rail

(WATERLOO, ON) – The provincial Liberals are claiming to be the only party willing to move forward with Phase 1 of the high speed rail corridor between Toronto and London. The project will provide a 73 minute commute between the two cities with stops in Kitchener, Guelph, Pearson International Airport, and Union Station.

The Liberals plan to deliver service on Phase 1 in 2025.

“High-speed rail will help Ontario and our region write the next chapter of our economic and high-tech success story,” said Transportation Minister Kathryn McGarry. “The NDP have never said they’d support it, and yesterday we learned they have no plan to fund it. They claim otherwise, but the facts speak for themselves and they would put this project at risk. Our people are counting on this transformative project to move forward, and only Ontario Liberals have a plan to do so.”

Electric-powered trains will travel at speeds of up to 250kph on a combination of existing track and new dedicated rail corridors. Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne received the report recommending the construction of the high speed rail link between Toronto and
Windsor. The extension of the line from London to Windsor is part of Phase 2.

The announcement made in Waterloo yesterday committed more than $11 Billion in the 2018 budget to support construction of Phase 1 of HSR.

McGarry said that the NDP’s election platform cuts $33 million in funding which is currently being spent on the environmental assessments needed to keep HSR moving ahead.

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