Judge: Essex Council “A Circus”

(WINDSOR, ON) – Essex mayor Ron McDermott is disappointed with a judge’s decision on a matter which would have seen veteran councillor, Randy Voakes, removed from council.

Yesterday, at the Superior Court of Justice in Windsor, Justice Thomas Carrey dismissed the application made by McDermott which claimed that Voakes breached the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act during a September vote following a report from the town’s Integrity Commissioner.

“[Voakes] doesn’t care about the Code of Conduct and either does the judge,” AM800 quoted McDermott, outside of the court building. The feud between the mayor and the councillor has been on-going and has now bubbled over into the court room.

According to media reports, Justice Carrey said, “They need a trip not to court, but to the vice-principals office.” Carrey urged the two to shake hands and put history behind them.

Calling Carrey’s decision “ terrible,” McDermott said, “[Voakes] doesn’t know what shake hands means. He never says hello to anyone.” Obviously disappointed, McDermott added, “[Voakes] threatened us in council meetings. Nothing has happened. Thank you Mr Judge.”

On more than once occasion Voakes has been suspended without pay by the Integrity Commissioner.

“The behaviour, animosity, has turned Essex Council in the minds of many, into a circus,” said Carrey.

Reached by phone Monday evening, Voakes said he would have comments available this morning.

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About the Author

Fred Groves
Formerly with the Essex Free Press, Fred Groves is a local journalist and the author of Rising from the Rubble, the story of the 1980 explosion which leveled the town, and of Homeless Not Hopeless, an in depth look at five people living on the streets of Windsor and how they turned heir lives around.