Harrow Rotary Donates Fire Extinguisher Simulator To Essex Fire

(ESSEX, ON) – Residents of Essex can look forward to practicing their fire extinguisher skills, thanks to a donation by the Rotary Club of Harrow. At their regular meeting on March 5, Town Council welcomed members of the club, who presented a cheque in the amount of $11,523.81.

The funds will go towards the purchase of a new Bullex fire extinguisher training system. The system uses a propane tank to create a controlled flame, which users spray with an actual fire extinguisher.

“While using an extinguisher might seem simple, there is a bit of technique to properly putting out a fire,” said Rick Arnel, Essex Fire and Rescue Services Chief. “This new system will give our firefighters the ability to teach the community those skills in a safe environment.”

The new system will roll out in early spring and be open to anyone interested in taking the training, including individuals, groups, and businesses. Once in place, the training will be offered for $150 to groups up to 20, and $5 per person over 20.

“Through the generous donation by the Rotary Club of Harrow, we’re better equipped to teach people about safely extinguishing fires,” Arnel said. He expects the training will become part of regular health and safety training for local businesses.

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