Hammerschmidt Spins And Wins

The Big Spin spun out a $200k cheque for Hammerschmidt.Photo courtesy of OLG.

The Big Spin spun out a $200k cheque for Hammerschmidt, on 22 February 2018.
Photo courtesy of OLG.

(WINDSOR, ON) – One can only imagine the contained excitement of Anne Hammerschmidt as she rode a passenger train from Windsor to Toronto yesterday; a trip that she knew wold be very “profitable.” She knew she was a money winner in the Ontario Lottery’s Big Spin Instant win scratch game, but had no idea if she’d even come close to the half a million on offer, until her chance to spin the big wheel.

When Hammerschmidt arrived at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto she was ready. The wheel with all the money started turning and the amounts went flashing by until it slowed and eventually rested at $200,000.

A retired, 82 year-old secretary, she has been playing various lottery tickets for almost all of her retirement, so it was just a regular day when she bought her Big Spin ticket at the Downtown Cigar Shop on Ouellette Avenue. An animated spinning wheel announced the news but, unlike other lottery games, what she won remained a mystery she had to confirm in Toronto.

“After I played my Big Spin Instant ticket at the store and saw that I was a winner, I was very excited,” she confessed.

The $5 Big Spin is similar to earlier instant win games except that the prizes are revealed by an animated spinning wheel on the store’s lottery terminal screen. Lucky winners are notified immediately if they have one of the special tickets that call for an in-person spin at the Prize Centre.

Hammerschmidt called the trip to Toronto an opportunity to come face-to-face with her winning amount. Although hers wasn’t the largest prize on the wheel, she is fine with her win and will use the money to, “move into a two-bedroom apartment. It will be nice to have some more space. This win makes life a whole lot easier for me.”

She also plans to share, “some of my prize with my loved ones.”

Three ways to win

Players can scratch for an instant cash prize of $5 to $100,000 or a spin prize. They can watch and, if “Spin” comes up, they can visit any OLG retail location to validate their ticket and watch the animated wheel spin on the lottery terminal screen. Every spin is a guaranteed win with prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.

The third way is what took Hammerschmidt to Toronto. If the animated wheel stops on Big Spin, the prize won is an actual spin on the Big Spin wheel at the Prize Centre for a guaranteed $100,000 to $500,000.

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