Group Moves To Have Bloomfield Road Houses Torn Down

Activist Teajai Travis and his group has been canvassing door-to-door along Bloomfield Road to gather support for the demolishing of boarded up houses.Photo courtesy of Teajai Travis.

Activist Teajai Travis and his group has been canvassing door-to-door along Bloomfield Road to gather support for the demolishing of boarded up houses.
Photo courtesy of Teajai Travis.

(WINDSOR, ON) – We re all heard the expression, “The elephant in the room.” Well, apparently, there’s one in Ward 2.

This elephant is staring into the eyes of tax payers, their children, and visitors alike. There is a significant issue in Ward 2 that desperately needs to be addressed, that being the boarded up houses on Bloomfield Road.

“I think the city feels the residents of Ward 2 are expendable,” said Ward 2 resident Teajai Travis.

For years, the Bloomfield House has been known for activism and artistic work within the community. Now Travis, the founder of Bloomfield House, is involved with a mission to gather signatures in support of knocking down the boarded up houses.

Residents of Bloomfield Road have quietly and patiently waited for the houses lining their street to be addressed. And, year after year, the buildings continue to add blight to the neighbourhood.

As a resident and property owner, I am making it my personal goal to see that we, the residents of Bloomfield Road, no longer have to live in the shadow of those boarded up houses,” said Travis. “We are tired of raising our families in such disgraceful conditions.”

The Bloomfield Freedom project has a clear mission; to get the elected municipal officials to stand up for the residents of Bloomfield Road and have the Canadian Transit Company demolish the boarded up houses.

“The houses are more than just an eye sore; they are dangerous,” said Travis. “There is debris from the deteriorated houses that is falling into people’s yards. When we get a good wind, pieces of the houses come loose, falling onto the ground.”

The houses are also magnet attracting small animals. In turn, larger animals enter into the community, putting young children and domestic pets at risk.

“The neighbourhood fears that the houses may catch fire, or be set on fire, which puts the houses beside them at risk,” Travis added.

Members Bloomfield House have been canvasing Bloomfield Road residents to organize support for the petition.

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1 Comment on "Group Moves To Have Bloomfield Road Houses Torn Down"

  1. I lived on Cross St, when the Bloomfield Houses were built, I believe it was under the control of the City of Windsor. They were all new houses and I guess townhouses. My kids had friends who lived back in there, they chummed and went to school together.. There were a lot of single parents living and raising their kids, it looked like a nice maintained community, to live in.
    But over the years, looked like it was not maintained or controlled properly. There were fights, killings, drugs, always something going on..It turned into a bad area to live in..
    And why was it not control by the city, even to this day with the broken doors and smashed windows, garbage laying around. I can remember going to work one day, I always went that way to get to Huron Church Road, I had to stop like 5:30 am to remove a mattress from the middle of the road, in order to continue..
    It’s a shame the way the City of Windsor allowed it to get this way, but when most people are renting, they don’t care enough to keep the appearance up, if the door breaks or a window breaks well leave it.
    Been ages since I have been in that area, but why remove the buildings that are destroyed, why not put some of the city money towards repairing, Instead of renting, why not make it into a condo community and allowed the tenants first opportunity of purchasing the unit. Guarantee that the bad tenants will leave, and the new owners will spruce up the area..Give them something to be proud of..
    I also wish Teajai Travis, the best in this endeavor, you have one heck of a challenge ahead of you, fighting this city and politicians is like pulling teeth out with your fingers..

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