Workforce WindsorEssex Finds Many Job Openings

(WINDSOR, ON) – Workforce WindsorEssex, the region’s local employment planning council, has sorted through job postings, comments from a May summit, local news, employer surveys, and consultations to determine the types of skills which are currently being sought by area businesses.

Based on what was found, WWE created a list of the region’s top 75 in-demand jobs sorted into categories based on the national occupational classification codes.

“After extensive consultation and research, Workforce WindsorEssex is excited to release the list of top 75 in-demand jobs to our community,’ said Doug Sartori, chair of Workforce WindsorEssex. “Although not all jobs on the list are hard to fill, they are in-demand, which means people wanting to work in these jobs have very good employment prospects.”

However, a review by The Square found a number of incongruities.

Workforce WindsorEssex was on the mark when it found considerable local demand for tool, die, and mold employees holding positions such as machinists and machining and tooling inspectors, as well as tool and die makers.

Last month, a local company making airplane parts, Northstar Aerospace, actually held a job fair to find new employees to hold similar positions. It is doubtful, however, that other jobs on the list are available in the current market.

The planning council reported a need for bosses in retail, broadcasting, and services. However, a search of jobs on offer by Windsor broadcasters the CBC, Bell Media, and Blackburn Radio does not reveal any openings for senior managers. The only job currently on offer is for a broadcast engineer.

Although Federal Border Service Officers and Custom Officers are said to be in-demand, a search of the Government of Canada’s Public Service jobs posting website found no jobs on offer. The jobs currently being advertised as available include deckhands, stewards, veterans service agents, Canada benefits officers, administrators, and benefits operations adjudicators.

Workforce WindsorEssex also found a need for aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors.

Such jobs are not listed by the region’s only aircraft maintenance company. Instead, Premier Aviation has posted jobs on Indeed looking for technicians not mechanics. It is offering opportunities for supervisors, interior technicians, composite technicians, non-destructive testing technicians, aircraft structures technicians, and an air worthiness co-ordinator.

Sartori expects the information will, “… be helpful to training and educational institutions who are training our future workforce.”

Workforce WindsorEssex does admit that the list is a work in progress, one that is likely to continue to change. The value of the list is to serve as a key component in a Training and Career Pathways project. The project aims to centralize key information about each in-demand job, including job description, remuneration, job duties, and required skills, as well as training and career pathways.

Information collected will be published in WEsearch, a free job finding tool created to assist job seekers interested in knowing about the local labour market.

Michelle Suchiu, Workforce WindsorEssex’s executive director, spoke frankly about a need for her outfit to, “… tackle the issue of people without jobs and jobs without people. The release of this information comes on the heels of a successful Workforce Summit event in May, our Skills Matrix in June, and our Transportation and Mapping project in July.”

In her view the list of 75 jobs should be useful to those about to choose or change their careers and who want to work and raise their families in Windsor or Essex County.

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