Windsor Auto Sector Companies Score Federal Money

By Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – Two Windsor companies have teamed up to create potentially 70 high-quality jobs in Windsor’s automotive sector.

Navdeep Bains, the federal minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development, announced the Canadian government will fund up to $3 million for local aluminum engine manufacturer Nemak and tool maker Arbec Tool and Machine for the development of stronger engine blocks made of lightweight aluminum.

These engine blocks are expected to make cars lighter, more fuel-efficient, and better for the environment.

To make the blocks, Nemak will use a fully automated robotic system. The company claimed, in a news release from the Canadian government, the innovation would enable them to, “… develop flexible manufacturing processes that will make the company more globally competitive.“

According to Bains, the funding is being allocated through the Automotive Supplier Innovation Program. It is designed to support research and development activities by small and medium-sized companies in the automotive parts and components sector.

In prepared statements, Bains claimed the funding is critical for Canada, “… to succeed in making the cars of the future, we must embrace greener, more sustainable technologies.”

These technologies will create the well-paying middle-class jobs of the future. Advanced research and development projects challenge today’s autoworkers to enhance their skill set. By having a workforce with skills that are in demand and the technologies that will shape the future of the industry, Canada’s auto sector can secure its place in the global supply chain of tomorrow.

There was no announcement of when the jobs would be available, nor if there will be penalties if the job creating expectation is not met.

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Robert Tuomi
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