No Love Tomorrow Drops Today

(WINDSOR, ON) – Award-winning pop/soul singer-songwriter Michael Paul, known onstage as Soul Brother Mike, gave listeners a taste of his forthcoming album Learn to Vibe today with the release of the album’s first single, No Love Tomorrow.

Effortlessly groovy and laden with sunny hooks, No Love Tomorrow sets the tone for the nine-song album, Paul’s first solo CD in eight years.

In that time, Paul has toured extensively across Canada, the US, and Europe and recorded half a dozen albums as the frontman-songwriter of indie-rockers Michou and bassist-songwriter behind the all-star soul group The Walkervilles.

Nothing is off-limits on Learn To Vibe.

“Politics, power, debts, love, it’s all there,” said Paul, who admitted he rarely goes a week without penning a new song, remaining prolific since The Walkervilles disbanded last spring.

“[The album] is a continuation of the soul-blues-funk style I’ve been honing these past few years, with new elements of jazz and R and B,” he said.

The self-produced album features performances from saxophonist Kelly “Mr Chill” Hoppe of Big Sugar fame, vocalist Rocio Ruano, a Spanish singer-dancer-actress based in London, and a choir of crowd-sourced vocals submitted by artists across the country.

Hoppe will join Paul in a special midday in-store performance at Dr Disc in downtown Windsor to celebrate the album’s official release on May 5, with an official album release show to follow in June.

For those eager to hear the album in advance of its official release date, listeners can pre-order the album online and receive a digital download right away, with a physical copy to follow by mail.

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