Interning Opportunities For Medical Personnel

Projects Abroad is expecting an increased number of medical intern opportunities in 2017.Photo courtesy of Projects Abroad.

Projects Abroad is expecting an increased number of medical intern opportunities in 2017.
Photo courtesy of Projects Abroad.

(TORONTO, ON) – Projects Abroad continues to expand its medical reach into the developing world by offering a growing number of medical internships for volunteers. With more medical internships now available than ever, Projects Abroad is fulfilling its mission to build skills and establish a cross-cultural understanding and passion about health care in the developing world.

Medicine Interns gain practical experience by working alongside doctors and other health care professionals in medical facilities abroad, while being able to offer valuable work assistance where they are placed.

Projects Abroad offers a variety in types of internships.

Participants can choose between general medical internships or those in specialized medical departments, these being Nursing, Midwifery, Dentistry, Public Health, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Nutrition. During their placements, interns can be involved with a number of tasks, such as educating local people on important health issues and screening medical needs under the guidance of medical professionals.

By working with professionals, volunteers gain access to many communities, which allows them to provide these health care services.

To ensure that medical internships continue to bring about tangible improvement to communities where volunteers are placed, Projects Abroad has recently launched its own medical database, which allows them to accurately record, monitor, and analyze work being done on the ground.

“The medical database allows us to centralize data and achievements throughout our destinations, allowing us to monitor progress made, and guaranteeing improved continuity between volunteers,” said Jenny Puyo, the head of program development for Projects Abroad. “With this tool we can orientate our work based on clear facts and statistics, while monitoring how volunteers’ contributions can have a lasting impact in host communities.”

Summer season is peak time for Projects Abroad, which expects a greater number of sign-ups this year than before. With placements in more than 20 destinations across five continents available, interns can work in countries like Ghana, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Fiji.

Applications for 2017 have opened, so prospective interns are encouraged to sign up soon to ensure they capitalize on this opportunity to build their medical skills abroad through service.

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