Hiram Walker Looking For Accounting Help

(WINDSOR, ON) – The famed Windsor distillery is looking for almost a dozen good accountants. On a self-described hiring spree, Hiram Walker and Sons is on the lookout for at least ten, and possibly more, good accountants.

A corporate revision of its approach to finance has created brand new job openings for its finance and accounting teams.

It follows a recent decision by the organization’s parent company, Pernod Ricard, to mutualize its US and Canadian accounting functions into a single regional team. The team will be located in Windsor, but will serve all North American Ricard operations.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our distillery,” said Angelo DeMarco, in charge of the distiller’s personnel office. DeMarco also sees it as a, “… fantastic vote of confidence from Pernod Ricard.”

In a released statement, Demarco said the company is working, “… hand-in-hand with the University of Windsor and St Clair College in a collaborative effort to keep young professionals in the city of Windsor.”

The move is significant for the region.

The company’s finance director, Steve Moynahan, explained that it validates the capabilities of this outpost in the Pernod Ricard network and proves the local operation has, “… world class business processes and the talented people to support them.”

Products distilled and bottled in Windsor at the facility include brands such as JP Wiser’s Lot No. 40, Pike Creek, Gooderham and Worts, and Royal Reserve Canadian whiskies, Polar Ice vodka, Malibu and Lamb’s rums, and McGuinness and Criollo liqueurs for Canadian distribution by its affiliate Corby Spirit and Wine Limited.

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