Higher Funding Positions Lakeshore Expansion

(LAKESHORE, ON) – The Town of Lakeshore is receiving two grants from the federal and provincial governments. The grants are part of the Clean Water Wastewater Fund program. The Town will receive a total of $2,668,086 in grant funding.

The two projects are the Oakwood Trunk Sanitary Sewer Extension and the Stoney Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Detailed Design Engineering.

The federal contribution toward the Oakwood project is $1,180,029 while the provincial contribution is $590,014.5 for a total grant of $1,770,043.50 on a project cost of $2,421,069. The sanitary sewer extension across the Puce River will provide much needed sewer servicing to the western portion of Lakeshore, allowing for new employment, residential and commercial developments, as well as enabling the future servicing of existing developed areas.

The Stoney Point project will receive federal funding of $598,695 and a provincial contribution of $299,347.50 for a total grant of $898,042.50 on a project costing $1,228,380.50. Detailed engineering is the next phase towards providing a new wastewater treatment plant for the eastern portion of the municipality.

A new wastewater treatment plant is needed to replace the 1970’s era sewage lagoons in the communities of Stoney Point and Comber. The new plant will also enable the future servicing of the Rochester and Lighthouse Cove communities.

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