Group Opposed To Windsor’s Zig-Zaging

(WINDSOR, ON) – Windsor cyclists are aghast at a plan by Windsor to remove part of east-end Wyandotte Street from a proposed on-street designated bicycle path. The route would remove cyclists from Wyandotte Street and put them on a route called a zig-zag.

Bike Windsor Essex, which is headquartered downtown, is not impressed. So much so it is now circulating a petition.

The organization wants to be able to show Windsor Council, at its upcoming meeting on June 19, that it has support for its opposition to the plan. It is asking like-minded citizens to sign an online petition or drop by the bike hub or local shops and cafes to sign in person.

It appears the on-line petition has become popular enough to crash Bike Windsor Essex’s system.

Executive director Lori Newton, on the organization’s Facebook page on Sunday, reported the system was, “… back up and running following a system crash due to so much traffic to the site.”

She also thanked the petition signers for, “… helping create safer, more equitable streets for ALL road users.”

You may sign the petition here.

Information on the site says adding bike lanes to all of Wyandotte Street will result in space for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, safe parking space will help increase business activity, traffic will be calmed and speeding reduced, and the resulting relaxed traffic will make it easier for pedestrians, including students, to cross the street.

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