Club Lofts Fastest Condos In Windsor

(WINDSOR, ON) – MNSi is a local Windsor based company providing Internet services to the city and surrounding areas since 1995. Recently, the company announced plans to spend at least $35 million in infrastructure costs to upgrade local homes and businesses to new fibre optic technology, allowing for Internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps.

Now, a Windsor building which was originally engineered to warehouse millions of gallons of whiskey could soon be streaming millions of gigabytes of ultra-fast Fibre Internet per year instead.

Club Lofts Condominiums, located in Old Walkerville at Wyandotte Street East and Monmouth Road, has been recently outfitted to host MNSi Telecom’s new Fibre Internet, allowing residents to receive unlimited hyper speed Fibre services at speeds of 100 or 1,000 Mbps. The unique layout of the building and some ingenious foresight by the building’s renovation team has allowed MNSi to service the condo units differently from most others.

Because the building renovation team included pre-installed CAT5/6 Ethernet cabling in the rebuild, MNSi has a unique set-up in the building which cuts down on overall cabling and installation labour costs by avoiding running thousands of dollars of fibre cables unit by unit. This situation has created an exclusive opportunity for residents of the building to cash in on discounts MNSi can provide by passing along special pricing, reduced through the savings it makes on typical install fees.

“This is truly a unique situation where building planners provided an easy and trouble-free installation for Internet services,” said Clayton Zekelman, owner and president of MNSi Telecom. “Not only are the Club Lofts one of the best places to live in Windsor, they’re also the easiest and most trouble-free installation we’ve ever had. We were able to save money on the install, so we’re passing along those savings to the residents of the building with unique packages at reduced prices.”

MNSi customers at Club Lofts will be able to purchase unlimited 100 Mbps Internet packages at only $50 per month, plus tax, while its 1,000 Mbps, also known as 1 Gbps, will only cost $100 per month, plus tax.

Residents can also add a phone to these plans for only $15 extra per month, plus taxes. Those not interested in higher speeds can obtain a 10 Mbps unlimited Internet connection with a phone and 250-minute long distance package for only $59.95, plus tax.

Visit MNSi online for more information.

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