Black Oak Park Closed To The Public

(WINDSOR, ON) – The city of Windsor has closed off access to Black Oak Heritage Park to, “ensure the safety of residents and the natural environment” according to a press release. The municipality has fenced off the park to prevent access to the property.

Signage has been erected announcing that the park is, “closed to the public.” The city says that since closing Broadway Street, the main access road to the park, visitors to Black Oak have improperly used the area which has, “resulted in damage to species and habitat.”

On December 3, hundreds of mountain bikers and other nature enthusiasts protested the closure of the park. At the heart of the “improper use” has been the presence of the bike riders. They are now being advised to use Ojibway Park and Tallgrass Heritage Park. The city also suggests that people walking dogs should use Optimist or Remington parks.

The fencing is expected to remain in place until, “early 2018”, but the city doesn’t say how any damaged flora will be rejuvenated over the winter.

The closure of Black Oaks comes swiftly on the heels of the city bulldozing bike paths, known as the Dirt Church, in the bush behind the Ganatchio Trail. The wreckage left after the heavy machinery was done included exposed culverts and pipes, according to the CBC.

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2 Comments on "Black Oak Park Closed To The Public"

  1. Concerned: there’s some facts I have to ask you review. You cite “dirt bikers” but as far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been dirt bikes / ATV’s allowed in there for years, a lot of folks ride the trails daily and would have noticed dirt bikes and the ruts that they leave behind right away.

    Also I was at the park on Sunday, it didn’t appear to be a “protest” by the “irate bikers”, it was a bunch of the concerned users of the park, from cyclists, runners, walkers and dog walkers, showing their support/love for the park and discussing the damage that was done and what is now happening.

    I agree if there is damage, by all means let the park regenerate.
    but the article is accurate to point out, winter time will not regenerate any damage done to flora.

  2. Concerned | 6 December 2017 at 16:18 |

    There was a lot of damage done to the area, folks. The closure is needed to try to rehabilitate the damage done by the callous dirt bikers. A little patience will go a long way if people can understand the issues better. Too many people jump to the wrong conclusions and actually end up doing more damage due to their protests and impatience. Give the park a winter break. It is most likely closed to keep the irate bikers from going in and digging up the place again.

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