New Horizons Continues

By Alan Stern

(BALTIMORE, MD) – The epic, first exploration of Pluto and its moons by NASA’s New Horizons mission was completed on July 14. It captured the attention and imaginations of people across America and the entire world.

New Horizons is truly an American-made product, and one of which we can all be proud. More than 2,500 Americans worked to design, build, launch, and fly New Horizons.

The people who created New Horizons to complete the first reconnaissance of the planets delivered on the promise made in 2001 to explore the Pluto system. Fifteen years were invested to do this, to create knowledge, to show the United States on its game, to inspire kids and adults alike, across the world, and to make you proud.

In addition to gathering incredible science, one hope for the flyby was that people be excited about the power of exploration, the sheer audacity of our species, and the great things we can achieve. From an unprecedented response on social media to global news coverage, the exciting and historic nature of New Horizons caught on.

It took us more than nine years to cross the 3 billion miles of space to get to Pluto. Continue to follow the mission.

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