More Sanctions Placed On Russia

By Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

(OTTAWA, ON) – Our Government remains steadfast in its commitment to stand with the people of Ukraine in the face of the Putin regime’s on-going military aggression, which has already cost the lives of more than 5,300 people.

Canada’s position remains clear: we recognize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and will never recognize the illegal Russian occupation of any part of the country.

In coordination with our EU and US partners, Canada is once again intensifying its response to the situation by announcing further sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals and entities.

These measures are enacted as a response to a series of escalated acts of aggression perpetrated by Russian-backed militants in recent weeks, including the indiscriminate attacks in and around the Ukrainian city of Mariupol on January 24.

We are closely monitoring the implementation of the ceasefire agreement concluded in Minsk on February 12, and are prepared to take further action against Russia and Russian-backed insurgents should they fail fundamentally to implement the provisions of this accord.

The collective sanctions imposed to date by Canada and its partners are putting real economic pressure on the Putin regime and its collaborators. The cost to Russia will continue to rise if it persists in its escalation of the conflict and refuses to allow a peaceful resolution.

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Ian Shalapata
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  1. I am behind our country putting sanctions on Russia, but it will not do any good because Putin doesn’t care. The unfortunate thing is the citizens of Russia are the ones that these sanctions will hurt the most.

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