Man Bun, Flares Top Fall Trends

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Leaves are falling, red, yellow, brown, so what trends has the cool air blown in? Well, first let’s talk about the fashion era we are in. During the spring of 2015, the fashion mimicked the 70’s. During spring, we dabbled a bit with gingham, gaudy jewellery, and platform shoes but, guess what is back in a big way.

You guessed it; flares.


Flares are the new trend for the fall of 2015.

Flares hit the runway and are filling the department stores and boutiques everywhere. So, if you are a retro store shopper, now is not the time to stop because this is where you will find your bargains.

How to wear them. Throw on some heels and you are good to go. Ensure your flares are well fitting in other areas of your body. They are only meant to flare out at the bottom. A nice fit in the waist and thighs is the key.

What is nice about flares is you can use them for dress or casual wear. Denim flares, with a nice, well fitted top, or button down collared shirt, for a casual look, then a neutral pant in black, or print, for a dressier look.

Pair with a cute medium handbag in a splashy bright, neutral, or print. The right hat can also really pull off this look and scream fashionista.

So, does this mean good bye skinny jeans? Absolutely not. But do splash your wardrobe with some flares, and show others you know how to rock the trends of today.

Black and white patterned everything, clothing, accessories, and even jewellery. These colours are huge. Look for them in hearts, dots, and lines, and just go crazy with it. Whatever you do with your black and white ensembles, you will be the hit of the festivities.

Pastels and neutral colours are a huge hit this fall season, as well. Not to say that the deep burgundy’s and browns are not still the cat’s meow for fall/winter, however pinks, greens, and turquois are big right now.

Allow your nails to follow the same clothing trends you wear. Nails look amazing when they are color coordinated with hand bags and shoes. Not so much with the outfit because you want to have a bit of a contrast to create interest.

Any surprises for men you ask? Some notable ones.

There is a big jump in prints for men. However, if you are going to wear this look, guys, you must coordinate accordingly. Denim or a plain pant is what you want to go for. Print to print for a guy’s top and bottom look is a definite no.

The man bun looks best on oval or heart-shaped faced men.

The man bun looks best on oval or heart-shaped faced men.

For hair, the man bun is the hottest trend for male hairstyles this fall. This only looks right when well-coordinated with the right clothing and facial grooming.

Facial hair helps this look as well as tattoos so, guys, if you’re having a bad hair day, don’t be afraid to embrace this look. But, it does look best on those who have oval or heart shaped faces.

Style tip.

Never fill your wardrobe with the latest trendy clothing. Rather just splash your closet with a few of the trends.

Have a beautiful fall and remember a smile is the best accessory.

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