Do Not Throw Snow Onto The Roads

By Ian Shalapata

(WINDSOR, ON) – The City of Windsor is reporting that snow plough crews hope to have all areas completed in approximately 24 hours.

The City is reminding residents that, as per the Highway Traffic Act and city by-laws, residents and private snow removal operators are prohibited from depositing snow onto the street. Pushing snow onto roadways creates conditions that are unsafe for motorists and pedestrians.

The City’s by-law enforcement officers will be issuing tickets whenever violations occur. Residents are advised to call 311 to report when they witness violations. Remember to obtain an incident tracking number from the operator each time 311 is contacted.

Windsor Fire and Rescue Services are also asking that residents to clear fire hydrants of snow. In case there is a fire, easier access to the hydrant will ensure faster response by fire crews.

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  1. If the city enforcement officers were doing their job the city must be collecting a fortune in fines. A lot of the streets I drove down at least there were four houses were people were pushing snow on the road from their driveways. I have seen it on the main roadways people pushing snow on the road, I hope they were all caught.

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