Canada Buys Radar System From Israel

(OTTAWA, ON) – An improved radar system for the Canadian Army will use cutting edge technology that is part of the successful Israeli Defence Force Iron Dome Air Defence system to defend against incoming rocket fire from Hamas and other terrorist groups.

Earlier this week, Defence Minister Jason Kenney unveiled a plan in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, to acquire Medium Range Radar for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This represents another example of significant transfer of Israeli defence technology to Canada.

“Much like Israel’s successful Iron Dome radar technology, the Medium Ranger Radar system will be able to instantly track enemy fire aimed at Canadian Armed Forces personnel and help keep them safe during operations,” said Kenney. “We’re moving forward with providing the men and women of the military with the equipment they need to do their jobs in the service of their country.”

The technology will provide the Canadian Armed Forces with the capability to quickly and accurately locate enemy forces weapons, as well as provide advanced aerial surveillance capability. The radars are capable of detecting hostile indirect fire, locating the position of the enemy weapon, and calculating the point of impact of a projectile, as well as simultaneously tracking multiple airborne threats.

Rheinmetall Canada has won contracts to produce 10 Medium Range Radar systems and provide the associated in-service support, with a combined potential value of up to $243.3 million. The delivery of the radar systems is expected to begin in 2017.

Working alongside Rheinmetall is subcontractor ELTA Systems, a group and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries. ELTA Systems will deliver this radar technology to provide the CAF the ability to locate hostile weapons in concert with other acoustic and radar sensors Canada already possesses.

The system is flexible enough to meet a wide range of missions. It is air transportable, is highly mobile, and is rapidly deployable. Users can remotely operate the system through its integrated networking capability. In addition, it can work day and night under all weather conditions to generate a real-time understanding of air traffic above a battlefield.

These radar systems could save lives and assist and help achieve mission success.

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