Windsor Waives Hard-Sided Container Bylaw

(WINDSOR, ON) – Due to the volume of calls received by 311 from residents with flood-related damages this week, a special garbage pick-up for affected areas has been arranged for Monday, August 18.

Residents with flood-damaged articles must call 311 and register their address to receive the service.

In order to try to ensure that all residents are given enough time to request pick up services, the 311 call centre will be staffed this Saturday between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Residents are reminded:

A. Flood damaged materials include couches, rugs (cut and bundled in 4-foot lengths), furniture and building materials. Nails must be removed from all wood and dry wall. 

B. Collection crews will not pick up appliances, electronics, metal items, or loose material.

C. All loose items must be placed at the curb in garbage bags weighing no more than 20 kilograms (44 pounds). Bags should not be stacked, but placed side by side.  The hard sided garbage container by-law will be waived for this special collection only.

D. Household chemical waste, paint cans, and other chemicals are not to be placed at the curb. Visit the Household Chemical Waste Depot for proper disposal of those items.

E. Have flood-damaged material at the curb (not in an alley) by 6:00 am Monday morning. Normal residential garbage pick-up continues in addition to pre-scheduled flood service pick-ups. Residents may also bring any flood damaged items to the Public Drop Off Depot, but tipping fees will apply.

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2 Comments on "Windsor Waives Hard-Sided Container Bylaw"

  1. Now if the city spent the money they are collecting for the waste water charge on our utility bill, we most likely would not have had this flooding of basement problem.

    Our infrastructure has been falling apart ever since Eddie has been mayor and our city council have been in office. I believe its time for a change and we need to replace all our existing city council members with people that have the best interest in mind for the residence of Windsor, and not themselves.

  2. blindsight | 15 August 2014 at 12:26 |

    Wouldn’t it be nice as part of the process to get a idea on the number effected to relate this back to infrastructure come election time based on wards most effected ?

    And they can’t use the word ‘biblical’ for the only reason ,as the Warren.Mi mayor already has that covered –

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