Windsor Singer Signs International Representation

Mike Creveni

Mike Creveni

By Brad Gibbens

(WILLIAMSBURG, VA) – Brain Fuse Records has welcomed Windsorite Mike Cerveni to the Brain Fuse family with the signing of a publicity deal. Brain Fuse Records LLC will be the PR backbone for Mike Cerveni and will be pushing the artist’s brand regionally and nationally, as well as internationally.

After just one full-length album release and the introduction of his 2013 single “What Would You Do,” the solo artist from Windsor has already garnered widespread recognition and success.

Appearing on CTV’s “The Beat” television program and enjoying airplay and interviews on numerous radio stations, Cerveni is determined to share his heartfelt and passionate songs with the world. The artist has kept busy, collaborating with Miss Ontario 2012, Hiatus House, and Well-Come Centre to perform with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra for a charity event, travelling to Serbia to perform and interview, and is already working on tracks for his latest EP.

Brain Fuse Records has signed Mike Cerveni under a publicity deal to further promote and propel the artist’s well-crafted music to the rest of the world.

The lyrics of Mike Cerveni pierce the soul with an unbridled conviction that calls listeners to acknowledge the harsh realities of life as well as the beauty of human relationships.

Along with dramatic and intricately composed musical accompaniment, Cerveni’s music works to communicate a message of life’s meaning through hardship and adversity. The Ontario artist has translated his own painful experiences through his music to serve as an inspiration and a commission to others, giving his sound a genuine and heartfelt relatability.

Cerveni has garnered increasing recognition through numerous radio and television features, as well as performing shows in Canada and Serbia. It is clear that Mike Cerveni has a passion for music and his message, and will leave a musical legacy that will be remembered.

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