Take Action On Earth Day

By David Johnston, Governor General of Canada

OTTAWA—Since its inception over two decades ago, Earth Day has been adopted by countries around the world. Its message transcends borders, politics, and dogma. It can be understood in every language, translated a thousand times over from the most complicated scientific lexicon into the simplest, plainest terms; we must preserve the natural world in order to ensure our own survival.

The time has come when we can no longer progress with blinders on, ignoring the dire effects we have on our environment. Nor can we simply lay the consequences of our actions, and inaction, at the feet of future generations.

The stewardship of this planet is a responsibility we all share. We have in hand the means and knowledge to save the finite resources and fragile ecosystems of our world.

This Earth Day, I encourage all Canadians to take action, to speak out and to foster change in favour of a more sustainable way of life; for the sake of humanity and all living things.

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  1. The problem we face is a lot of countries do not practise what we preach about saving the environment. All the countries of the world need to get on board and if they don’t our earth and our grandchildren will suffer in the end. What we do in North America helps but it’s not enough to save our planet. We would hope that the UN would step in and have all the countries that belong to the UN step up to the plate and commit to saving the environment.

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