Robots Invade Forest Glade Library

By Chris Woodrow

(WINDSOR, ON) – Thanks to Ward 7 Councillor and Windsor Public Library Board Director, Dr Irek Kusmierczyk, Forest Glade Library will soon be home to a detachment of Lego Robots. 

Councillor Kusmierczyk is using a portion of his ward funds to purchase four LEGO Robotics Kits which will be housed at Forest Glade Library at 3211 Forest Glade Drive, and available for lending to teachers for use in classrooms, to community organizations that work with youth, and to the general public. There will also be four new laptop computers available for simultaneous loan with pre-installed software to operate the robotics kits.

The robotics kits are part of LEGO’s new MINDSTORMS EV3 kit which was unveiled, in January, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The kits will allow children to build, program, learn, and test their creations using real-life robotics technology.

“Through LEGO Robotics the Windsor Public Library is introducing young minds to the world of technology and innovation which is driving our economy,” said Kusmierczyk. “I am delighted to be part of this forward thinking library.”

Councillor Kusmierczyk believes education is the basis of economic development and that City Council has a positive role to play in both, by helping position young people for success in today’s knowledge economy. 

Robotics is a rapidly growing field, as technological advances continue, research, design, and building new robots serve various practical purposes. By making these kits available to the community, Windsor Public Library and Councillor Kusmierczyk believe that children and adults will have the opportunity to create and experiment with a technology which will become a greater part of everyday life.

Ward funds used for this project total $5,158.99 with an additional $1,030.00 from the WPL IT budget.

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  1. Kusmierczyk should be running for the school board we sure could use him there, not as a city councillor. I think he would be more effective on the school board, and he wouldn’t need to move, which I don’t think he will move anyway.

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