Ontario Funds Local Canning Company Expansion

(TECUMSEH, ON) – Thomas Canning has received $3 Million of provincial funding to support a global expansion strategy that has a regional spin. Having built relationships in China, North America, and Nigeria, Thomas Canning has a solid foundation that fuels an on-going export strategy. The export strategy is a perfect fit for Windsor-Essex, a region that is rich with resources and talent and able to support growth and sustainable industry development.

The recent announcement of the Heinz closure became the catalyst for Bill Thomas, President of Thomas Canning, to use his relationships, resources, and investment in partnership with the provincial government to fuel his global strategy and business plan. The benefits of Thomas’ Utopia Brand expansion and global positioning will resonate throughout the Windsor-Essex Region; Thomas Utopia Canning, pure Canadian production focused on global expansion.

"The government’s support for this project will bring jobs and economic opportunities to the region,” said Windsor West MPP Teresa Piruzza. “This investment is not only good for Thomas Canning, but for Ontario’s agri-food sector as a whole."

Crushed, diced or whole, any way you peel it Utopia spells innovation which means the creation of direct and indirect jobs for Windsor-Essex. Ontario is helping Thomas Canning build a new state-of-the-art fruit and vegetable processing facility that will support local farmers and create 40 new full-time jobs. It will be phased in over three years and contribute more than $34 million to the local economy.

As Canada’s first and only organic canned tomato products, the Thomas Utopia Brand will take Windsor-Essex to the world market place.

"Our community based philosophy has always been to role up our sleeves and get things done,” said Thomas. “This strategy has the capability of providing significant outcomes to the region by reducing the impact from the closure of the HJ Heinz facility. This impact will be sustained over many years as the company continues its market expansion in North America and abroad.”

The province is providing $3 million for the construction of the new facility, which will process a significant amount of locally grown tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. The expansion project will help this longstanding family company develop new products and expand its markets in Canada and abroad.

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  1. I think this will great for the area, 40 new jobs will help, but it is only a small step that will impact the area. Teresa Piruzza should be looking at lowering taxes and utilities for business and residence in Ontario that would also help the economy and bring more jobs to Ontario.

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