Just Ride On Female Ride Day

By Helene Boyer

(TORONTO, ON) – International Female Ride Day the world’s only synchronized women’s motorcycle Just Ride day, moves its eighth global edition in 2014 from Friday to Saturday 3 May. This worldwide happening of women riders has evolved to an unparalleled momentum and the move to a weekend day will continue to foster the events growth and enable participation through all cultures.

Just shy of a decade of action, International Female Ride Day was introduced to occur on the first Friday in May. Among its combined objectives of profiling and highlighting women riders, selecting a week day maximized awareness of all women who enjoy motorcycling on a day-to-day basis. The mounting success of the event over the last seven years makes 2014 the right time to make the move to Saturday.  

“Freedoms are still not as equal as for those of us Westernized countries. It’s important that the initiatives of which International Female Ride Day was brought about facilitates the participation of women riders regardless of their countries of origin,” said Vicki Gray, the Founder of International Female Ride Day and MOTORESS.

“Not one country wants to be excluded from joining in and representing on this unifying global day for women riders; the timing is right to move the event to Saturday and a perfect characteristic to further its expansion. I’m so grateful for the support women riders the world over demonstrated year after year- participating in force on those special Friday’s,” Gray added.

International Female Ride Day makes one simple request of women – Just Ride.

Get on your bikes, be out there and be visible. The day highlights the enjoyment and camaraderie women share through the activity of motorcycling and motorsport. All motorcycle makes from two wheelers, three-wheelers, and scooters; on road, off-road or track take part.

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