Have A Good Spring Cleaning

Header-image-JessicaBy Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – Have you ever talked with people who complain about everything? Their hum drum attitude can be weighty and contagious. Well, as we are all on the edge of our seats awaiting a well deserved well eared spring season, there are other things that have nothing to do with temperature and the return of green leaves, pretty flowers, fresh fruit, and light spring attire that can have people feeling as heavy as an accumulation of snow on the ground

People think about spring cleaning as a necessity but rarely do they look at it as a utility to help their lives.

If you are the type of person who is afraid to hear what your friend is complaining about this time, you may never know the benefit of how it feels to be light and free. Because, while its true that misery does love company, the lazy always complain and dwell on the past, and it will bring you down if you let them.

Pessimistic people are always going to be problematic, although you might not fit mood, it can rub off on the most energetic, non-complaining people.

So lets enjoy, I mean truly enjoy, this beautiful season that is fast arriving; but without the rhetoric of negativity and the choice of unhappiness. Only you can choose to be happy.

What makes you happy are lasting things, not the frivolous shoes or new spring wardrobe or jewellery. The next time you think spring cleaning, lets work from the inside out. This will free you up to enjoy all the beauty, not only the welcomed season, but for life in general.

Happiness means contentment and, in order to be content, it truly starts from the inside out.

But while we’re on the subject of spring attire, here are some suggestions that will brighten your day.

White jeans with glitzy metallic accessories are a must have for every spring wardrobe. And stripes and prints are still in, in a big way. Remember the rules about stripes, though. Always chose a stripe that will compliment your body type. The best horizontals are not for those who choose not to highlight extra weight. In the way of stripes, look for diagonal lines rather than horizontals.

Although prints are still big too. If you are not looking to accentuate weight gain, over the all white go to a coloured jean instead. For those prints if you are a smaller person you may wear a large bold print on your clothing. However if you are a bigger person you may wear prints but always chose those outfits which have a smaller print.

Sunglasses are a must have accessory. They should compliment your face shape and, to be sure, double check by using a face shape chart to discover which shape you are.

Your sunglasses should never over power your face, but just be a welcomed accessory to pull off a stylish look.

Don’t forget to add some neon. Even add a splash on your nails and even your eye shadow, but never all the way to the eyebrows. This is not the ‘80’s. Don’t go crazy.

This fashion era is still about splashing the colour. A healthy dose of trendy neon will be a fashion hit.

Take care choose to be stress free. Spring clean the weights from your life and enjoy all the benefits.

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