Flooded Basement?


By Victoria Posloski

(WINDSOR, ON) – Psst, hey you. Yeah you. Don’t go away. I want to talk to you about security. Not the same security as Charlie Brown’s buddy Lionel with his blanket, and no, not securities trading.

The security you need to feel is in your own home. That kind of security, that “peace of mind” knowing that no uninvited guests paid you a visit while you were out shopping, the peace of mind that if your smoke detector is screaming, somebody will respond.

Pyramid SecurityYes, I know you all have good neighbours, but can they really hear your smoke detector in the middle of a dark cold winters night? Of course not. Nor can they hear it when they are busy in their own life; doing their own thing. After all, it is not your neighbour’s responsibility to keep their ears open and on high alert to listen to the activities in your house. It is your house after all.

So, with that being said, I think I shall start by saying home security is more than just deterring a would-be offender from entering your home while the kids are in school and you are at work. In today’s society people are coming and going at all hours of the day and night. It is your responsibility to keep your home and family safe 24/7.

Please don’t get that mixed up with, “But I have home owners insurance.” Of course you do, unless you paid off your house in full and don’t have a mortgage. It is mandatory, as no bank will give you a mortgage without homeowners insurance. Makes sense, right?

Let’s start in the basement, then we can work our way up.

Windsor has flooding issues; some of you know this better than others. Crossed fingers won’t help when we have a rain storm or just rain for that matter.

Did you know that a sump pump sensor, installed on your pump through your security system, will alert you when the sump pump is not doing its thing? The one that I am familiar with has a little arm gets triggered when the water level rises. That’s what sets off the alarm way before the water overflows into your beautiful finished basement.

When the water level is rising, and before your basement floods, the alarm will be screaming. Then your phone will be ringing from the monitoring company.

You’re at work? No problem. The monitoring company will call you there, or on your cell, or text you, or call your contacts. It’s called Call List Only, that way the problem can be addressed whether you are home or not.

I want all you “sceptics” to remember this the next time it rains and you’re worried about flooding. Especially those people whom I have already talked to that say, “But, I have a dog.” What the heck good is Fido when your basement is flooded and you are at work, or on vacation?

Can your dog stop the flood or sop up the excess water? Nope.

Some of my customers have expressed to me that they pay extra for flood protection thru their homeowners insurance. Some have said that they can’t get flood insurance. I don’t know either way, but what I do know is that when I fill out a certificate for homeowners to give to their insurance company for a discount, it should matter.

Some people receive up to 20% off of their policy; some get nothing. I would shop around for a company that recognizes this.

We all know how insurance works and, yes, they all want your hard earned loot. Allstate has been good to me with a 15% discount.

Next in this series we will talk about the other pieces of equipment that make up a full security system. As a matter of fact, I have worked in areas where the builder has installed the whole system in new homes and the homeowners simply need to sign up for monitoring.

Until then, stay safe and dry. Remember: Locked doors only keep out the honest.

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