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Re: Windsor Police look to replace shotguns with automatic rifles

With all the police shootings happening in the United States and Canada, I think police officers should be forced to take mandatory de-escalation tactics in order to diffuse hostile situations.

In many customer service roles I have worked in, I have learned that diffusing irate customers is to stay calm and lower my voice every time a customer gets upset. I think police officers should use the same technique and only use force when appropriate. 9 times out of 10, they will be safer as well too when using de-escalation techniques.

In recent times with the Windsor Police, I have heard that many officers are going above and beyond the call of duty for its citizens and I am happy most are using these de-escalation techniques. Furthermore, maybe The Windsor Star should publish more good stories about people who go above and beyond the call of duty. That is a different story all together.

I think Chief Al Frederick should focus more on community policing and ensuring all officers have de-escalation training under their belt. That is what Chief Bryan Larkin is doing in the Region of Waterloo with trying to promote kindness and compassion at the Waterloo Regional Police. He even shook hands and gave high five’s to students as in the article in The Record, “Police chief walks Waterloo’s Ezra Avenue as students party” which was dated March 17, 2015.

Alim Nathoo,

Kitchener, ON


Finally a voice of reason. Intelligent comment on the facts. The media has persuaded the public that anything Moroun does is ‘evil’. I cannot improve on your article. Thank you for writing so clearly on the subject.

Bottom line I guess is we could have probably had the Ambassador twin by now if the media bias had not been used to slow/kill the movement to conclusion by Moroun.


Dick Robarts

Windsor, ON


Mr Francis and members of the counsel that voted to damage the national treasure we have, that is the Ojibway Nature Trails.

Is this truly the legacy you want to leave for future generations to judge you by, including your own children?

Don’t you have an obligation to the citizens who voted for you to honor our wishes and protect these very rare species habitats?  The money you get from this proposed construction is blood money, and will forever be a black mark on your character and reputation.

There has to be a better place to build.

I hope the citizens of Windsor do not lay down and take this! If we have to form a human chain to stop it from happening, let’s do it.

I hope some lawyer out there can devise a way to stop this counsel from abusing their power.

Lisa Bensette

Windsor, ON


We attended the [Kingsville Folk Music] festival yesterday . Thank-you for a very pleasant afternoon and evening. We enjoyed the day very much! It is amazing what talent we have, and to hear them in such a beautiful setting with perfect weather. Who could ask for more!

Thanks again for the opportunity.

Peggy and Greg Mockler


RE: 848 Priests Defrocked

While happy to hear SOME of the priests guilty of rape, and molestation of innocent children have been defrocked. I am shocked to learn 2,572 priests are still being protected after being found guilty. Their punishment? Penance and prayers.

Any other individual found guilty of this kind of crime goes to jail. They are NOT  told to go home and pray for forgiveness.

I implore all good Catholics to send a clear message to your Pope, that you will not tolerate priests guilty of these crimes to, 1) continue to be priests or cardinals, or hold any other place of honor in your church, and 2) be given immunity from justice. Demand jail time for ALL perpetrators, including those shielding them.

Also make it clear that you want change. Change that allows women to play a larger role in this church. Change that allows healthy, red blooded priests to marry and be in healthy, committed relationships. This would be a step in the right direction, and could help prevent the preying upon children.

Start petitions and demand change, if only to protect your own children and grandchildren going forward.

401 cases in 2013 were referred back to the church for punishment; penance and prayers instead of prosecution!

Lisa Bensette

Tilbury, ON


I am dumbfounded that this idea of one hospital to serve the whole city/county is not more debated.

Are we, as a city, going to leave certain areas of the city without reasonable access to an emergency room? Or to visit friends and/or family?

At one point this city had 4 hospitals. I certainly think that we need one in the downtown core. If this hospital goes into South Windsor, are the poorer sections of this city to take a bus out there while bleeding or in an life or death situation?

Surely this city needs two hospitals.

John Bell

Windsor, ON


I am confident the overwhelming majority of citizens in Windsor, agree totally with Ms. Jarvis’s comments!! I am also sure the many police officers  who are honest, moral and dedicated to law enforcement, are equally appalled by the fact that those among them who have been caught breaking, rather than enforcing laws, beaten totally innocent citizens, used excessively brutal force, when not called for, or covered up for those who did, and otherwise abused the power and trust placed in them are NOT being  held accountable.

Some serious changes have to take place. I can understand an officer still collecting payment,and not being fired until he or she has been proven guilty. But the large amounts of money paid to these individuals absolutely need to be recovered once guilt has been established. If they are caught in the act, they should be terminated immediately! And no person should be allowed to retire with full benefits while under investigation for criminal behavior.

When a police officer breaks the LAW, he or she is no longer suitable for the job of LAW enforcement. Period. They should be fired immediately. This is just common sense.

We have to stand united as citizens of Windsor, and surrounding communities, to get the laws allowing these travesties to occur, changed immediately!  No one, especially a police officer, should be allowed to profit from wrong doing.

Citizens. Let’s get organized, start petitions, write letters, share on social media. There is power in numbers!!

There has to be accountability, not reward for this kind of behavior. Perhaps our Mayor and Police Chief can exert their combined influence to  get these changes in place. If they fail, than we have to get all levels of gov’t involved.

Lisa Bensette

Tilbury, ON


RE: Hate Crime Investigated At U of Windsor

Most members of the Jew-hatred movement are “Generic Fascists”, persons who are by nature fascists and given the opportunity would just as readily engage in fascism against anyone, on behalf of any cause.

Paul Cerar



I watched part of the City Council meeting on TV last Tuesday. It was like watching paint peeling off a ceiling from a slow water leak. My big take on this is that the reason nothing of any great import ever gets done, or done right, is that we, as citizens, have failed miserably at electing our representatives. I’m hoping that with the next election barely a year away, we can do some major housecleaning. Now that Percy Hatfield is off to the Ontario Parliament, there doesn’t appear to be anyone with any life left in them occupying the seats at that meeting. I also noticed quite a few sneers coming from various parties, and the occasional snide jab thrown in for good measure.

Sitting on City Council shouldn’t be about who can out-wit, out-sneer their counterparts – it SHOULD be about giving the people who elected them good service for their tax dollars. The mayor even left for a time while the debate over ONE “speed cushion” and potential road closing that was supposed to happen a year ago droned on and on for the better part of an hour. No wonder over thirty years later, we’re still “debating” the merits of “the barn” as a way to get Windsor’s downtown off life-support!

I moved back to Windsor in December 2011, having moved away for most of 30 years, except for a brief stint back here for part of 1996. I was in the GTA, Mississauga and Oakville for most of that time, and especially in the latter city and town discovered that politics doesn’t need to be a combat sport, nor a snooze fest.

I’m trying to re-establish my Hypnotherapy/NLP Practice here. I’m a professional looking to have a vibrant city economy where people have money to spend on my services.

Sheila M. Street, CH CI, CT.NLP, Director of Integrated Dynamics Resources


My mom doesn’t follow municipal politics so for the last 20 minutes I found myself explaining in very simple terms what happened at city council tonight.

Here is what I told her;

Councillor of Ward 7 Percy Hatfield was a shoe-in to win a seat in the Provincial By-Election months ago.  My Mom said, ‘I know, everyone knew he would win.’

Well, when he won, our elected officials seemed  as  if they were pretending they had no plan for who would take his city council seat now that he was leaving.  My Mom in her sweetness said, ‘Maybe they didn’t have a plan.’

Well Mom we elected them to have at least four years of foresight wouldn’t you say?  This would have only taken 2 months of looking ahead.  Anyway Mom, tonight they decided to appoint, er, hand pick someone of their liking to represent Ward 7

since Hatfield has left for greener pastures.  They chose hand picking someone instead of having an election or giving the seat to the elected second place finisher.

After a brief pause, my Mom sighed, ‘That doesn’t sound right Joshua.’  I know Mom, it’s not right, a  Grade 10 Civics student can see that this is a slap in the face to not just us in Windsor, but to every person in history who has fought for our democratic process.  Democracy was defeated today.

Joshua Hero Haddon

Windsor, ON


Oh dear, what could the matter be? What will Windsor folks do?

Given this article (yet another great one, like the writers do so VERY well at The Windsor Square), it should be VERY clear! Not as in “what they will do”, but “what they should do,” more-over “what has to be done!”

It is not the fact that we are dealing with one single issue here that has not been resolved. In almost 10 years of leadership (if you want to call it that), it is several, many, an unbelievable amount of “wrongs” done!

I, as on concerned citizen, really not knowing, to the fullest extent, concerns on every issue, would take a chance and guess that there are at the VERY LEAST 20 unadressed, and played around with, hidden agendas and untruths spoken, and put on the back burner by City Hall; which is outrageous!

The one you addressed so well, (as all Windsor Square reporters have a habit of doing), the excellent article about the Elderly Long Term Care is very close to my heart, and Sir, there is not one excuse that the Mayor can give (we know he has many) regarding this one!

Can you only imagine the anguish, heartache, sadness, and forgotten feelings these “victims” have? The list goes on and on. Was there not someone 10 years ago, who promised to Windsor residents, change and betterness?

Well, you have to give credit where credit is due; Eddie Francis did make change – FOR THE WORSE!

I care about our City, I do not care for the way it has been run, is being run, and, again, the terribly sad state of affairs. As an avid reader, I know The Windsor Square is going to assist greatly in making changes. I have all the faith in the world, that you will make it happen.

Thank you, once again, for the great reporting and putting the people of Windsor in the “know”.

Paige Fraser

Windsor, ON


It is with a contrite heart, and one of political correctness, that I thank the God of Climate Change for The Square.

Alas, The Star has chosen to charge a digital, on-line subscription and I am not a happy camper. Let me explain.

Being a person who possesses the ability to think and reason for myself, and as one who likes to examine the issues from all sides – the good, the bad, the fantastical, and the somewhere in between – I miss The Star.

I lament the demise of my main source of daily comic relief, the left incline that produced a walk more jarring than too much alcohol imbibed.

Gone are the days when I could scan the headlines and peruse the offerings of re-invented reality before I looked to The Square for the actual facts, masticate on both, and arrive at the intellectual compromise my coddled mind could digest.

Edgar Francis, some call him Eddie, is the best source of municipal satire, and of theatre-absurd, this side of Wonderland. The pandering Star most often opts to parrot his tweets verbatim, and thus is a constant provider of “first responder” amusement.

Although The Square is written by a herd, or is it a gaggle, (I’ll have to ask Edgar) of Neo-Conservative, Right Wing Fanatical, Conspiracy Theory Extremists, one can overlook the biased offerings and sift your way to the truth, or at least the facts, regarding local happenings and doings.

True the Star had Henderson and Jarvis to balance the slight-of-hand and can-I-interest-you-in-some-snake-oil scale, but once again and alas, they are lost to me now.

The head honchos at the Star must have sipped a little too much, of the home-grown version of the magic elixir they’re offering, to think we will, en-masse ,buy in.

While there is, they say, one born every minute, there is not one born this minute where I stand. Especially with today’s access to truly free, and I might add accurate, news, my economic conscience dictates that I may not open my wallet and exchange hard earned loonies for “Edgar Through the Looking Glass Journalism.”

You see, if I wanted fantasy I can always….well…. read Alice in Wonderland!

Once again I thank Mother Earth for The Square.

P. Anthony Boismier

Windsor, ON


Thank you for doing what you do. Journalism matters!

I just moved here from the states and love — LOVE — how much this place already feels like home to me.

With that said, this town (ok, ALL towns) needs — and our citizens deserve — competing voices in the public square.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Therese Hounsell

Windsor, ON


It’s high time our mayor ceases with the disingenuous rhetoric while addressing his constituents.  His recent complaints about the arbitration system in Ontario are petulant redirections of responsibility.  Eddie Francis is a failed negotiator.  Rather than address his own short-comings the mayor seeks to place blame elsewhere.  He complains that the WPS officers should not be earning the same wages as a Toronto police officer.  Cost of living, ability to pay and other arguments are offered to substantiate the complaints.

Francis fails to mention that his own income is higher than a number of mayors in Ontario including that of Toronto.  Why the double standard?  Why is it okay for Eddie Francis to be paid more than the mayor of Toronto who has the responsibility for in excess of two million constituents?  Is our mayor willing to make the same sacrifice as he asks of our first responders?  Is he willing to use similar comparators?

The ability to pay argument is also weak at best.  We have millions to invest in a mostly empty MRO hangar.  We are spending in excess of seventy seven million dollars on a purportedly world class aquatic centre that is already proving to be inadequate.  Francis has travelled the world at taxpayer expense with extremely limited results.  Yet we have no money for law, order and the security of our citizens?  How many of our city administrators appear on the sunshine list every year along side our illustrious mayor?  How many of them will share the sacrifice that is being asked of nearly every other citizen in this city?  Francis suggests that every Windsor Police officer will now appear on that list as well and he appears to resent it.  Yet he is happy that we will eventually have fewer officers employed in the future.  The mayor seems happier yet that our future officers will received limited pension benefits.  Our mayor’s hypocritical rhetoric is shameful.  Leave your bully pulpit and lead by example Mr. Francis.  Better yet just leave.

Tim Stewart

Windsor, ON


Drew Dilkens’ criticisms of the efforts of residents to have a value-for-money audit conducted at Enwin Utilities ignore his efforts in the past for greater openness and transparency and contradict claims by the Ontario Energy Board.

In 2007, Councillor Dilkens led the charge to have all minutes of meetings from the city’s municipal corporations – including Enwin Utilities – provided to city council. When his motion failed at council, the councilor claimed he was “shocked this council didn’t support that. It’s not what I think is good government.”

Yet now, he’s claiming similar efforts by those taxpayers he represents are “ridiculous”, “nonsense” and “hogwash.”

Further, the councilor makes an incredulous claim that Enwin is not only audited but is subjected to a “value-for-money review by the Ontario Energy Board.”

In March of this year, the Windsor Star quoted Sylvia Kovesfalvi, acting manager of communications for the OEB, who said what they do is an “accounting review on policies and procedures,” stating “it’s not a value-for-money audit or a forensic audit.”

For a councilor to viciously attack a request by residents who approached their elected officials – as we are supposed to do – only raises further suspicion of a municipal corporation of which Drew Dilkens is a paid board member.

What is “hogwash” is the councilor’s about-face from demanding “good government” to supporting something else entirely different now that he serves on the Enwin Energy board.

Tom Dean

Windsor, ON


Of course a “future Palestinian state” would join with Jordan, because the Palestinians of the West Bank are Jordanians. It’s one of the biggest scams in history; demanding the rest of the World give them a nation when they didn’t have one to start with.

If you take a look at a pre-1967 World map, it rightly shows the West Bank as part of Jordan (because it was), and the Gaza Strip as part of Egypt (because it was), like the city of Gaza a short distance away still is. It’s absolutely farcical that the Western media takes PLO and other such type claims at face value. It’s ridiculous and ought to be called so.

In ’67, Nasser of Egypt said he would “drive the Jews into the sea”. He and his allies surrounded Israel with heavy artillery, etc, planning to invade through the biggest territorial cut ins to that country. Can you guess what they were? The West Bank and Gaza Strip. Israel could see the writing on the wall and struck, and ended that war rather quickly, preferring to not be driven into the sea and all.

Since then such luminaries as Yasir Arafat and others have promised “land for peace”. In the early ’90s after getting Israel to sign such a deal, he said in a speech “We consider this just the first step in getting back all of historical Palestine…”. Well at least he was trustworthy. The PLO is prepared to accept the withdrawal of Israelis from Israel is what it boils down to, and in case no one’s noticed that isn’t going to happen.

The US government should quit pretending it has any interest in seeing the establishment of “a Palestinian state”. It’s utterly fraudulent and a slap in the face to reality and people with a sense of it. The Palestinians, after failing to sufficiently help their Jordanian and Egyptian “brothers” wipe Israel out, by the way, were herded into refugee camps in those countries by the governments of those countries and some were stuck there for decades. So much for brotherly love.

I do feel for the Palestinians, but not the PLO types. There are innocents who’d have rather been able to just live as a citizen in the countries they were actually citizens of, and had no agenda. But make no mistake. The PLO’s claims are the same as if Canada had attacked the US through Southern Ontario, the US had counterattacked and occupied, and we all said “But this isn’t fair! We’re not Canadians – we’re Ontarians, and they’ve stolen our land!”. It’s insane, and if you cater to insanity then you either become insane or support those who already are.

Scott Kuli

Windsor, ON


The City of Windsor has not hit bottom. I thought we were at bottom just over a year ago but we just kept losing more and more jobs.  We will continue to lose jobs until we provide incentive.

We need to first and foremost give companies reason to move here.  That lies in thier calculation of economic sense. Why would they relocate here when our mill rate is higher than Toronto and many other cities?  How can new business have a chance to survive their first two years when they are aleady behind the black ball? Not only are they dealing with astronomical fixed costs they are marketing to a decreasing population.

Why relocate to a City that is in disrepair?  Factories have been closed so long theives are stealing the metal from which they are made.   I was born, raised and educated in Windsor and in my 40 years here, even during the recession of 1980 and 1990, I do not remember so many places in Windsor that resemble parts of the CASS Corridor in Detroit.

Having been an Immigration Counsel now for 12 years, marketing Windsor to US Corporations under NAFTA is becoming to be an even harder sell. Its all about taxes and the fringe benefits.  We can’t offer either at this time.

Geographically speaking we are situated well. Other than that our predominant sell is our turn key industrial infrastructure. But again the tax structure is not attractive. We need to reduce our tax rate to competitive rates. And, don’t give us excuses that we can not sacrifice the revenue stream.  Guess what; we will continue to see our revenues slide as more and more businesses close or move away. Have courage, reduce taxes on all levels and they will come.

Gabriel Maggio

Windsor, ON


In an August 28, 2012 Windsor Star column I read the following: “Peter Knowles – who was CEO of FINA’s 2008 championship in Manchester, England – said that when he learned of Windsor’s interest in hosting the event, his immediate response was: “Where the hell is Windsor?”

Does Knowles expect us to believe that as CEO of an internationally recognized aquatics event he was entirely unaware of the busiest international border crossing in North America that is coincidentally located in the province of his birth?

His blatant hyperbole was clearly meant to feed into the Eddie Francis mantra of getting Windsor onto the global stage.

However the statement does nothing less than to erode Knowles’ credibility and that of the organization he represents. It makes his entire presentation suspect.

Eddie Francis touted the 2009 Red Bull race as the catalyst to put our city “on the map” yet Mr. Knowles was oblivious to our existence?  There a number of credibility issues developing here.  Why wasn’t this proposal discussed at a regular council meeting in front of the Cogeco cameras?  If this is such a wonderful proposal as the FINA proponents and Mr. Francis would have us believe why not present it to the largest possible audience for discussion and consideration?  Why the pre-meeting in front of a limited audience?

I was born and raised in Windsor.  I still live here and I’m proud to be a citizen.  I wish I could be as proud of our current mayor and councillors.

As I type these words I’m painfully aware that I will be labeled a naysayer or conspiracy theorist by those elected to represent my interests. To them I say if we have nine or ten million dollars to spend then put it into our deteriorating roads and sewers.  We have already committed seventy or eighty million dollars on an aquatics centre that is barely out of the ground and already it is proving to be inadequate for so called world class events.

This structure approved without a solid business case was presented to us as a world class facility capable of hosting world class events.

When we have world class infrastructure to present to potential visitors only then should we be entertaining spending our hard earned tax dollars on world class ventures.  The visitors will come and go.  The good citizens of this city will be here long after we empty the temporary pools.  This mayor and council need to get their priorities in order and soon.

Tim Stewart

Windsor, ON


The government is selling this legislation as necessary to ensure school is not disrupted in September – but unions have said all teachers will be in the classroom at the start of year.  Why create a crisis when one does not exist? Could it be because of two by-elections set for September 6th?

If the McGuinty Liberals are so certain their legislated wage scheme won’t get thrown out by the courts and leave families paying hundreds of millions of dollars in legal costs and penalties, they should release legal opinions backing their claim.

The MPP for Windsor–Tecumseh, Dwight Duncan, himself knows this plan won’t work and he said so in the Legislature: “…Mr. Drummond, an adviser we brought on, and others have advised…that wage freezes tend not to work, either in the short or long term..” – Liberal Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, Hansard, November 24, 2011

So why is the McGuinty Liberals moving ahead anyway? This type of scheme will only hurt kids in the classroom and leave families paying more.  If the government has some evidence that the same schemes they denounced in the past will now work, they should make them public today.

Andrew McAvoy

Windsor, ON


I was advised of your article entitled “Much Ado About Nothing”, and read it with great interst, especially since I am the “self-described all-knowing lawyer” you allude to in the article.  Yes, I don’t just claim to be a lawyer; I actually am one (and you could have verified that, and indeed, you could have even contacted me, after a quick Google search), and have been in practice for 22 years.  As for the “smarter than the average bear” comment that I made in that blog, yes, I will admit to some hyperbole on that, but if you read the rest of the blog exchange on windorstar.com, the gentleman whom I was debating on the issue made the comments, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. Zero.” and “You are over your head”.  I grant that it is not relevant to the issue at hand, but I felt it necessary to respond to the gentleman’s attacks as to my knowledge, expertise, etc.

On the actual issue, regarding your comment as to kibbeh allegedly being prepared off-site and brought into a restaurant, the only incident (that has been publicized, anyway) was in Ottawa, where ground meat was purchased at a particular market and made into kibbeh in a private home (not in a restaurant nor a professional kitchen); this kibbeh was subsequently consumed and made a youngster ill.  The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued an advisory against consuming the ground beef sold by the particular market in Ottawa.  CFIA did not issue any advisory or ban in relation to kibbeh, steak tartare or the like, nor did the Ottawa Health Unit ban these dishes from Ottawa-area restaurants.  This incident, which again, involved kibbeh prepared in a private home rather than a restaurant, was the apparent “trigger” of the Windsor Health Unit’s decision to crack down on the serving of raw meat dishes in local restaurants; no other Health Unit in the province has taken this step.

Regarding the Windsor Health Unit’s legal authority, you are correct that the Health Unit is mandated by the Health Protection & Promotion Act of Ontario.  However, your further comment that the Health Unit “has the legislated authority to determine if the practice contravenes the protection of health” is stretching it a bit.  As the Health Unit’s own website correctly says, “the Board of Health is the governing body that oversees delivery of Mandatory Programs and Service Guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ministry of Health Promotion, and Ministry of Children and Youth Services under the Health Protection  and Promotion Act  legislated by the Government of Ontario”.  Simply put, the function of the Health Unit is to carry out guidelines, directives, regulations, etc. from the provincial government; in this regard, the Health Unit enforces what the provincial Ministry of Health puts into force.  In relation to the ban on raw meat dishes, the Health Unit is relying on a provincial regulation, published under the HPPA, which states that ground meat offered for retail sale/consumption must be cooked to a certain internal temperature and for a certain period of time.  With respect to how the Windsor Health Unit has interpreted that regulation (i.e. that raw meat dishes are accordingly prohibited), again, no other Health Unit in the province nor the provincial Ministry of Health (being the arm of the government of Ontario whose guidelines, directives, regulations, etc. the Health Unit is mandated to enforce) have interpreted the regulation in that manner, and officials at the Toronto Public Health Unit and provincial Ministry of Health are recently and clearly on record that they do not interpret the relevant regulation that way.

In terms of what may follow, while the HPPA grants anyone cited by a Health Unit order a right of appeal, I agree with you that everyone’s time and energy would be best served in working out a compromise.

I hope you will forgive my putting forward yet another “unsolicited opinion from a self-proclaimed all-knowing lawyer”.

Jack Ramieri

Windsor, ON


While our Mayor and Council keep trumpeting the zero tax increases they silently allowed increases in our water rates and sewer surcharges.  Eddie Francis bristles at those who call for an Enwin audit and labels us conspiracy theorists.

We are your constituents and such insults do not inspire confidence in your leadership Mr. Francis.  Maybe if our mayor and council were more transparent and forthcoming about these issues no one would suspect a conspiracy.  Maybe if the Auditor General wasn’t fired shortly after suggesting just such an audit there would be less suspicion.  Maybe if we weren’t promised a zero percent increase in our water rates and then receive a three percent increase without a word from our mayor our councillors until after the fact we wouldn’t have so many questions.  We need to understand how Enwin can afford to pay millions of dollars in dividends to the municipality after back to back double and single digit increases in the rates we pay.

Francis continues to play the frustrated bully suggesting he’s open to the audit if someone tells him how to pay for it.  Well Mr. Francis isn’t that why you were elected?   Aren’t you supposed to tell us how to pay for this long overdue audit?  Why does this audit trouble you so?  Why the apparent exasperation with your constituents?  We the taxpayers own that entity.  We are entitled to our request to make sure that we are getting value for our dollar.  Find the money and make the audit happen and we can move on.

Please be certain that the audit performed is the value for money audit that is being requested.  If there is nothing to hide then prove it and silence the critics once and for all. The questions are valid.  We simply want some answers from an unbiased third party auditor not subject to political influence or interference.

Tim Stewart

Windsor ON


Maybe the clerk is trying to pretend that she is just like normal folk raising money to help her child.  Ignoring what she and all of those who are raking in the dough are doing to people who have to work for a living.  It’s taken a long time to understand this mentality.  Zeroed home on it when coming upon a postcard-sized artwork attached to a fence in an alley in Toronto.  The postcard said, “Nice people are not nice when they are mean.”  In other words, we human beings all think we are nice & normal even when we are not nice & normal.  You captured this spirit perfectly with your article Ian.  Thank you.

Name and address withheld by request


Isn’t it interesting that Al Maghnieh participates in an interview with Gord Henderson that carried the headline “Let others bask in media spotlight.”  Why the interview then Mr. Maghnieh?  An editorial/opinion page column is hardly avoiding the media spotlight.  The oxymoronic interview is no more than a reiteration of the fact that you simply do not understand your own transgressions.  Rhetoric and spin however seem to be specialties of yours Mr. Maghnieh. You continue to underestimate the intelligence of your constituents.  Yes, you took money that wasn’t yours to take.  Yes you acted like an arrogant fool while you picked the public wallet.  You are a rookie councillor who pretended to be a tenured politician..  You flagrantly ignored policy intended to protect the public purse.

Your juvenile acts angered the good citizens of this entire city.  The outrage extends far beyond the boundaries of Ward 10.  None of us want to see a lame duck councillor represent any of our wards.  You need to acknowledge that when you were confronted with your own reckless behaviour you chose to obfuscate and misrepresent the magnitude of your actions.  The truth and accurate numbers were delivered in a painfully slow process that could have been avoided.  In actuality the entire truth has yet to be told as we wait to hear from Barry Holmes and others.

First you were a big shot.  Then you were a contrite, remorseful and well intended young man who came forward to atone for his misdeeds.  Like caterpillar to butterfly, the metamorphosis continues as you become the persecuted councillor isolated by his peers.  The Benz is gone with a Ford in its place.  The symbolism is more that of the robber removing his mask, a meaningless gesture that does not change the truth of the situation.  Please carry on with your avoiding of the media spotlight Mr. Maghnieh.

Tim Stewart

Windsor, ON


I wish to thank WINDSOR SQUARE for their generous media support and promotion of The Windsor Regiment Band’s “Harmony and History” concert performed at the Maj. F.A. Tilson VC Armoury 25 March, 2012.

Capacity audience – young adults,families and children; local Reservists and our WWII Veterans filled the drill hall to enjoy a selection of music … in the company of good friends. This concert introduced our community to the Windsor Regiment Band’s signature partnership with the Pipes and Drums of the Essex and Kent Scottish (for the very first time), setting the stage for performance excellence in honour of all who served Canada and returned home; in memory of all who served and fell and rest eternally.

Furthermore, successful events such as this would not be possible without the support of our community.

Semper Paratus

Andrea Grimes

Windsor, ON


Nice they are setting up closer here isn’t it ?

“Note governments are trying to save their domestic solar companies but it is not working out too well as of now .Saving bankrupt solar companies has become the national pastime of most governments it seems. Competition in the solar market has become so severe that solar companies are failing left and right. This has made the government come out to save them with bailouts which only make the oversupply situation in the solar panel industry worse. While China is the worst culprit supporting hundreds of failing solar companies through cheap loans which will be never paid back, other governments are not far behind.”


Matt Smith

Windsor, ON


Why is nobody asking the Mayor how much this little exercise in bad faith bargaining cost the taxpayers?  Reading the decision, it appears as though the Board was not serious in bargaining and many of their proposals were not even submitted until after the arbitration process began.  Another high priced legal consultant hired by hizzonor at the expence of City taxpayers.

30 plus years of bargaining in good faith until this guy came along.  Lick your wounds and really negotiate this time.  The time for grandstanding behind the Star and hired guns from out of town are over.

Name and Address Withheld By Request


I just read your article on Payne, did you hit the nail on the head, I was going to E-mail him but what you wrote has done the trick GOOD JOB.

Rick Particelli

Windsor, ON


I never believed to begin with that there would be “lots” of good jobs associated with this project, and it’s good you mentioned that they have a vendetta against Moroun.

I used to like Eddie Francis, but I expected him to realize that Matty Moroun would have been about the best ally he could have had to get us Greenlink rather than the forced on us DRIC.

What did he do?

He screwed us over to try to steal Matty Moroun’s business so the provincial government would make the money from the bridge, etc, so they’d back him to run at the provincial level. He wouldn’t get my vote if he did, and Windsorites must be smarter than he thought they were because I hear a lot of the same from a lot of people.

Why don’t we stand up when our provincial “representatives” tell us what’s “too expensive” when they’re using OUR money? We should be telling THEM what they can or can’t do, or must do with our money.

Scott Kuli

Windsor, ON


Mark, Mark,  Mark; So you’re pissed because the ‘free money’ demands you have a plan before proceeding .


If we only had more things in Windsor that were thought out, then the tax payer would be less on the hook these days. Don’t you think ?

Hats off to Chimzcuk Museum Inc. for having a vision, not a concept.

Mat Smith

Windsor, ON


Who in the media world is this stupid? Or is this a Canada thing? He better not go to the USA as I hear they have this thing called free speech .

“A number of my journalists have voiced concern over your website.” People that report some of the story, some of the time.

“Feel their work is being stolen is disconcerting to me.” I’m not sure what gets missed but they tell me they do a good job.

“Rationalize all you like.” As a communist state you have no option.

“Use their content with impunity.” How dare you ask questions, we only report what we are told to report.

“Unless, I’m told, readers have a particular fondness.”  Yes I want the pension so don’t make me work for it.

“Nothing more than a parasite.” Do you really think people can think for themselves?

“Man enough to admit the truth.” If I’m an idiot, who ratted me out?

Matt Smith

Windsor, ON


Acting as the Account Manager for the Renewable Energy Sector at Windsor Personnel, I am in constant contact with manufacturers, developers and EPC’s from the renewable energy sector. These contacts obligate me to keep myself updated with industry news and developments. In addition, the highly competitive environment between communities in business development also keeps me busy following business news. Through this competition between municipalities, to attract this new industry, I have learned that because of Guelph’s “energy initiative Canadian Solar settled in Guelph.” Guelph is somewhat of a leader in this. It doesn’t talk, it sets definitive goals down on paper, including using more alternative energy sources  in 25 years from today, consuming less energy per capita than other comparable Canadian cities and producing less greenhouse gas per capita than the current global average.

Windsor currently does not have a clear and effective “Sustainable Energy Strategy.” The WEDEC, where I believe Councillor Percy Hatfield and Councillor Alan Halberstadt are members, has yet to set in motion a clear and obtainable energy strategy for Windsor. The City of Windsor’s Environmental Master Plan does not include a strategy in their mandate for energy sustainability.

Effective energy strategies that support broader sustainability objectives for communities – including mitigating the impacts of climate change – have assisted communities in attracting sectors of the alternative energy industry as in Guelph. Communities maximizing the use of renewable energy play an important role in the success of this industry. Industry leaders are very much aware of this when looking for locations in which to operate.

I believe, if Windsor develops an effective sustainable energy strategy, we will reach a turning point in our dependence on our current energy supply. In addition, we can proactively assess investment opportunities, particularly those that are designed to provide clean, renewable sources of energy generation. A clear strategy will help shape our future as a progressive, eco-friendly place to live and do business.

A clear energy strategy has the potential to educate residents, reduce consumption and attract industry leaders. Other communities that have already taken necessary steps in identifying energy sustainability goals are the cities of Vaughan, Markham, Toronto and of course Guelph. I would encourage Windsor to look closely at what these communities have done and learn how they have benefited.

Kevin Deziel

Windsor, ON


In this modern age of communications, email allows us to keep in touch. It gives us a chance to express our feelings, exchange ideas, make someone smile, even educate. However it can also be used to spread false and malicious information.

Lately there has been a particularly offensive email circulating in our community. It’s entitled Working Joe vs. Welfare Joe, and the information it contains is absolutely false.

As Chair for the Income Support Subcommittee for Pathway to Potential, I feel it’s important to address this deliberate attempt to target the recipients of Social Assistance. The claim that “Welfare Joe” receives $600.00 a week or $31,200 a year plus $600.00 a month federal rent subsidy is absurd. You would think that most people would recognize this as utter nonsense. I would too, except that I have received this from individuals I believe should know better.

For everyone’s benefit, here are the real facts as posted on the Do the Math website. The monthly income for a single person on Ontario Works is $585. The monthly income for a single person on Ontario Disability Benefits is $1,042. Even a person working for minimum wage for a 35 hour week only makes $1555.

This is only one of many attack emails. There are others which target immigrants, homosexuals, injured workers, women, persons of colour etc. The senders of these disgusting letters challenge the recipients to have the courage to forward it if they agree or delete it. Forwarding these emails takes no courage. The courageous act would be replying to the sender with the truth, and insist that they send it back to the person who sent it to them.

If you agree, reply with the real facts or delete them, we’ll all be better off.

Rolly Marentette Chair of Pathway to Potential’s Income  Support Working Group

Windsor, Ontario


I see we’re in for a rerun of the CUPE strike of 2009 – except this time, it will be the Windsor Police playing the villain.  Our mayor has, once again, determined that bargaining in the media is the way to get an agreement; after all, it worked so well 2 years ago.  We will probably be treated to a round of cop-bashing and donut cartoons as the Windsor Star cranks up the Mayor’s damage control machine.  The division and polarization that was fostered 2 years ago by negotiating a collective agreement in the local newspaper, of all places, certainly hasn’t healed.  So instead of learning from past failures, Mr Francis comes out with both barrels aimed at the local police force, to create a new enemy of the “taxpayer.”  And, true to form, a provincial arbitrator will take the fall, as the city opts not to bargain responsibly.  We shouldn’t forget that a 101 day strike ended with a 6.5% increase over 4 years and a signing bonus – without an arbitrator.  Then, to further complicate the issue, Council decides to hire an outside firm to collect garbage and continues to keep everyone else at work.  So, we’re going to save tons of money by not hiring summer students?  Unfortunately, Mr. Francis made a promise about not raising taxes for 4 years that will definitely cause reduced services, and if it takes attacking the police force, he’ll do it.  Those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

G. Taylor

Windsor, ON


Since when is it OK for the Editor of the Windsor Star to post a large write up and to post pictures/videos, and more or less ask for votes for his daughter to be chosen to model bikinis in Sports Illustrated? There are several models also from this area that should get equal press. I found this to be unethical. Between Coleman and his wife and CKLW, those are the ones running the city. Just so NOT RIGHT. Since when did the star subscribe to this “type” of journalism. Shame on Coleman. Shame on the Windsor Star. And Shame on Post Media.

P. Dow

Windsor, ON


Well can you lie and smile at the same time? Snyder just did. So, did the rules change on the $550 mil? A P3 should love this thanks to the Fed’s stepping in. And no debt, thanks Canada. I couldn’t  believe he fell for this, no reality study needed. Thanks MDOT. You think its an endless bank the way he solved so many problems without being upfront about it .

Mat Smith

Windsor, ON


I am visiting Windsor family and am shocked to hear about all the kerfuffle around having chickens in ones own backyard. Having a garden  and chickens to fertilize is  a natural process in British Columbia Canada and other provinces so what is the adversity against this? I encourage people to proceed with the Bylaw changes by voting for having the opportunity to enable people to reap the benefits of feeding themselves through gardening, composting and recycling. Rose City Gardens is a good starting point and a  valuable education tool for the future generations and present citizens of Windsor. I feel that there is a reason for this issue presenting itself and eole can and will benefit with having their own living of the land experiences. A very healthy alternative to going to the grocery store.

Cathy Jupp Victoria BC



I have been informed that a friend has received a compliance order from By-law Enforcement that requires them to remove their chickens from the property within seven days.  I am imploring you to rethink the recent decision to shelve the report from Administration and begin to move to change current by-laws prohibiting residents from keeping a few hens as pets and for the purpose of egg production for personal consumption.

The urban chicken trend is gaining momentum across the country and abroad.  Many other communities are currently allowing or studying this.  I feel it is time for our city to begin to throw off its regressive past and embrace this benign practice of keeping hens to ensure some food security for our residents.


I would like to point out in particular Mr. Dilkens’ comments with respect to issue.  His “clucking ridiculous” statement was absolutely abhorrent and disrespectful to many who believe that goals of urban chickens and community gardens are critical elements to bring about a better sense of where our food comes from.

I would suggest each one of you take the time to visit the home where these chickens are and see for yourself exactly what is being proposed.

I would again also suggest, in the strongest possible way, that Bylaw Enforcement be asked to stand down on this issue, until it can be heard in a democratic and consultative manner before the public and council.

Jody Percy

Windsor, ON


The underlying story here is how poorly the Windsor Star reports news. This story simply repeats some of what was gleaned from another website, but reports the website address incorrectly.

A quick Google search finds the real story.

A jump to the OPP website lists this news release.

And then to the Windsor Square, who have already posted the OPP press release, minus the propaganda about horse racing being a clean sport.

The Windsor Star has failed in its duty to its readers.  Not only does it post second hand news releases, it doesn’t get the facts straight. And where is the value added by the Star?  No follow-up, just taking the story and cleaning out anything contentious, as they haven’t confirmed anything: “were allegedly charged!”  How ridiculous!  Since they are not even reprinting their names, why protect themselves against a possible lawsuit?  Say they were charged, and alleged to have committed certain acts.

Some fact checking is in order here. It seems that crime reporters are no longer necessary, as these stories are available from the internet.  What the Stardoesn’t realize is that the public can go straight to the source, and bypass oboslete and inaccurate information sources.

Maybe the Windsor Star has a story here:  how horse racing remains a corrupt industryon its last legs.  Without slot revenue, it would no longer exist.

Name and address withheld by request


Every year my husband and I put a picture of my parents in the Remembrance Day section of your paper.  The picture is of Mum and Dad in uniform taken on their wedding day shortly after the second world war.  Their contribution to our freedom is something that I am very grateful for and very proud of.  That is why it is so shocking to me that an educated writer for the star would use the term “Blackshirts” to describe a group of Rick Limoges supporters at the Caboto Club.

Mr. Van der Dolen you either don’t care how vile that reference was or you just plain don’t understand it’s signifigance.  Any time would be a bad time to use this term, but now, so close to Remembrance Day it is just disgusting.

Were you comparing these people to Nazi’s, if so Mr. Van der Dolen, they deserve an apology and so does every Veteran within the county.

Sandra Lloyd

Windsor, ON


Since the start of my campaign, I have taken every opportunity to discuss my goals for the City of Windsor and Ward 3. My goals being reductions in property taxes, business fees and government inefficiency.

On Oct. 9, I saw something which inspired me to discuss something more personal. On Oct. 9, at 9:35 a.m., I had the honour of seeing my name on a ballot for Windsor’s general election.

Seeing one’s name on a ballot is a truly humbling experience and a very tangible reminder of one thing which makes Canada great — an open political process in which all can participate as voter or candidate.

There are many nations in which the right to stand for elected office is either precluded to all but a select few or entirely absent. I am also well aware that in many parts of the world, there exists prejudices which would not allow persons with a disability to run for an elected office.

I am proud of many things. I am proud to that I graduated from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and that I graduated with the Community Service Award. I am proud that I was a wheelchair track athlete and that I participated in the Windsor Classic Indoor Games. I am proud of my friends and my family. I am proud of all those who have supported my campaign. I am proud to live in a country where I have the right to place myself before the people as a candidate for public office.

And now, I am proud of every ballot on which my name appears, regardless of the vote a ballot records. Having said that, I would of course prefer it if the ballot in question records a vote in my favour. That is why I have worked so hard in this campaign and why I crafted a message which the Windsor Square was kind enough to post on its website. I hope your readers will review this letter and my previous message before casting their ballots on October 25.

Cameron Adamson Ward 3 Candidate


Mayor Francis,

I’ve attempted to pose the following question to your campaign through your Facebook page, but it was deleted.  I’ve also asked this question of Rick Limoges and received his answer.

I believe that regardless of which of the top contenders for Mayor of the City of Windsor is elected, that person must be fully committed to serving a full term without the distraction of seeking nomination or campaigning for a Federal or Provincial seat.

Will you commit to serving a full term as Mayor of our city?  Further, do you agree that having a Mayor that is fully engaged in the re-invention of the Windsor economy and culture is vital to achieving the success we so desperately need?

Jody Percy

Windsor, ON


I would welcome a Ward 4 Debate! Mr. Percy has commented that I am just concerned with business issues. If he took the time to read my platform at www.votemikeburton.cahe would see I have taken positions on the Quality of Life issues in Ward 4, street repair, noise, parks, bike infrastructure and heavy trucks on Wyandotte.

I suggest he research before making points about other people’s positions.

Mike Burton

Windsor, ON


How exciting it must have been for Edison when his light bulb shined towards the future after inventing a cheap way to produce a light source, but the problem still remained, how to keep the power running not just for one bulb but for a multitude.

By the 1900’s private companies were in control of supplying and deciding who would get electricity and how much they should pay.  It was expensive to use coal and wood to fuel the generating plants so they looked for other sources of power.  Niagara Falls was already used to run small factories and companies such as the Toronto Electric Light Company had a monopoly on providing electricity to cities. The Ontario Hydro Commission was formed in 1902 but it did not generate hydro power and only one Canadian and two American private companies were allowed to draw power from Niagara Falls.

In 1905 the public was crying for publically owned electricity while London Mayor Adam Beck argued for Niagara Power. The PC party ran an election platform insisting water power from Niagara should be free.  After the Conservatives won the election, no more permission was given to private firms to use Niagara Falls for generating hydro.  The government named Adam Beck chairperson for the newly created Ontario Hydro Electric Power Commission, the world’s first publicly owned power authority.  By 1910 public power was finally achieved. The Canadian Constitution also enshrined in each of the provinces control over electricity that was obtained through natural resources.

In 1988 Conservative leader Brian Mulroney and Republican U.S. President Ronald Reagan signed the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that would open our borders to trade without tariffs for goods between the two countries. In 1992 Mulroney signed another accord with George Bush senior marking the birth of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in principle.  It became finalized after Jean Chrétien and Bill Clinton came into office.  NAFTA replaced public ownership of electricity promising free competition and low prices.  In 2002 Ontario Hydro dissolves into five different crown corporations and the price of electricity rose under the guise of the true cost of electricity.

Ontario ratepayers are also on the hook for a $20 billion dollar debt (currently it stands at $38.1 billion) that incurred when the Old Ontario power corporation prepared for de-regulation by purchasing 90 year leases of various generating stations from municipalities. NAFTA pushes Ontario public power back into private hands who then sell electricity to who they want and at whatever price they choose.  Amazingly every tax dollar that was ever spent on creating Ontario’s Hydro system now belongs to government crown corporations and we have to pay them outrageous prices for something we owned publically.  That government that gave us cheap power can also take Ontario back to the dark ages with only one light bulb to shine.  If only Edison had invented a government that works for the people.

Brian McNamara

LaSalle, ON


Contracting out is not only about loss of reasonably paid jobs that have helped Windsor and Essex County residents to have families and look after them.

It is about asset sell-off.   Within the past 6 months, we have lost childcare and waste management and now some bylaw management.

This mayor, council and media have used modestly-remunerated employees to justify sell-off of assets. These are brought to council at in-camera meetings and communication items so we cannot say we did not know about it.

But let’s call it what it is – a sell-off of long-term public assets for short-term gains.

Meanwhile, we take on management of subsidized arenas, loading docks at the airport (robbing us of green space when so much industrial space is empty), a swimming pool for a once-in-a-lifetime event, imaginary roads to bridges that don’t exist.

We have leadership whose tactic is a crisis style of management.

A crisis was created that allowed a sole-sourced arena.

A crisis was created to delay DRIC; for a canal; the tunnel deal, a crisis for an entirely unnecessary and prolonged strike; for a shoo-in of a provider of waste-management. A divide and conquer approach to sheep-management.

I witnessed another brought to us courtesy of Mayor Francis and Council who drove the Capitol Theatre into receivership by withholding minimal funding.

Is it predatory when we think we can get a better deal buying back assets from a trustee than maintaining what we have already sunk our fortunes into? You are darn right it is.

The arts have suffered badly with this lack of respect and to affront them with an ugly “greenhouse cultural hub” costing millions in lieu of very basic support lost to them is abhorrent.

We witnessed the disdain Mayor Francis showed toward our $30 million treatment basin when it was added to the infrastructure list while the $30 million canal was refused. It is this same judgment that has been used for seven years. These things should not be happening under the guise of Mayor.

Name & Address Withheld By Request


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