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Autumn Wreath

By Jessica Faught

(WINDSOR, ON) – The home goes through many changes during the course of a year. From home repair, furniture rearranging, and decorating, it never stops. Take a good look at your home and note all of the changes. These changes will have an impact on this year’s decorating; from placement areas to colours and theme choices.

For example, the colours in our living room changed to espresso, chocolate, and ivory, with a leopard animal print theme. Therefore, this year I am going to incorporate my animal print on our family’s Christmas Evergreen Foliagetree.

Now that you’ve had a chance to do an inventory of your holiday stuff, look it all over carefully, and decide whether it’s still eye candy. If the answer is, “No” then simply don’t use it. If it is something of significant sentimental value, there are many things you can do with those items including, but are not limited to, scrap booking, arrangements on a corkboard, and more. You can get more ideas online.Leopard Bow

Getting back to your home for the holidays…Halloween Tree

Your home should always represent your sense of style, and should always look inviting to both your household members and your visitors.

When decorating on a budget, remember to re-purpose items such as ornaments and wreaths. Decorating is all about starting with your basics and building from them. These items are a great decorating launching pad. They will help to usher in the new season, especially since each occasion at this time of year flow so closely together.

If you want to upgrade your holiday decorations on a budget, consider using spray paint on evergreen trimming, or even on your Christmas tree.

If you’re like the average family, you probably have an accumulation of various holiday décor from years past; from loved ones or children’s school crafts, for instance. And while they are very sweet memories, you may want to think twice about decorating with all of what you have accumulated. Chain link construction paper, in favourite holiday colours, are fun and easy to do with your little ones. Paper snowflakes are a nice Spray Painted Pine Conestouch of winter wonderland to use in the home across archways, for example.

It’s a nice idea for your holiday décor to somewhat coordinate with your room décor. But remember, the black and white, neon, stripes, and colour blocking are the hottest trends, right now. So, if you want to make a trendy statement I’d suggest playing with these ideas too, but allow these fashionable favs to be a pop to a well coordinated look.

If there is a certain colour that you absolutely love, use it, but add some throw pillows or throw blankets in your desired colour to help pull off the look.

Have fun with it. Coordinate and splash with accent colours. Those precious school crafts your little one makes at school can have a place too, just be creative, and make sure you don’t clash your colours.

Remember, also, what I always say. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be fashionable. Consider incorporating nature, such as pinecones, Colour Coordinationuse spray paint in vibrant colours, and or sparkles for things like centrepieces. Homemade, unique ideas are always special, and I m sure your family will appreciate your efforts in helping to set the atmosphere of a beautifully decorated home, during these upcoming seasons.

Here are some examples of well thought-out and fashionable holiday décors for 2013.

Here is our fall dinette table. We used it for Thanksgiving.

I used a scarecrow and hung him from the light fixture, which is directly over the dinette set. As you can see, the scarecrow has a big green hat, and because of this I wasn’t quite sure about using it in the dinning room. So, I removed my red table runner and set out a multi coloured table dressing of dishes to tie into the green.

Another idea you could use, to help usher in the new season, is put up your tree and decorate it with your Neon Christmasfall/thanksgiving Halloween decorations. Then, when the holiday season changes, switch out to the appropriate holiday décor.

Holiday time can be hard for some of us. Because a lot of changes go on during the course of  a year, adding a splash of brighter colour, or a trendy theme, might even help to not only make the seasons brighter, but also help to lighten the mood for our loves ones, family, and friends.

Have fun, and this time I am saying less is NOT more when it comes to holiday décor!

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