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By Jennifer Israel

(TORONTO, ON) – On Monday April 22 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, TVO celebrates Earth Day with the world broadcast premiere of two new episodes from the multi-platform series GreenHeroes.

Produced by CineFocus Canada in association with TVO, GreenHeroes profiles eco-crusaders from all walks of life, chronicling their green epiphanies, the changes they’ve made, and the actions they’ve taken in the name of improving lives and protecting the natural world.

The two episodes, “Biting into Change” and “Green is the New Black,” feature Canadian icons such as renowned chef Jamie Kennedy and award-winning record producer and musician Daniel Lanois.

In “Biting into Change” at 7:00 pm, celebrity chef Jamie Kennedy, musician and local food advocate Daniel Lanois, and farmers from Ontario’s Greenbelt region discuss the importance of producing and consuming Untitled attachment 00089food in a sustainable way. One of Canada’s most celebrated chefs, Kennedy has shaped the evolution of Canadian cuisine since the 1980s, pioneering Ontario’s slow food movement and encouraging farm-to-table practices throughout the country. For Lanois, his desire to connect to food growers in his hometown region of Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment led him to help create the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic, a music festival supporting local farmers.

At 7:30 pm, “Green is the New Black,” explores the toll beauty items and fashion take on the environment and features the stories of Canadians greening up the industry.

Author and journalist Adria Vasil began to question the ingredients of everyday consumer products as a teen. Since 2004, she has helped consumers understand what’s in the products on store shelves and offers eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items in her weekly Ecoholic column in NOW Magazine. “Green fashionista” Kelly Drennan founded Fashion Takes Action, a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging and promoting sustainability in the fashion world.

Both episodes will be available to watch at following the broadcast.

The Earth Day broadcast is a preview of GreenHeroes’ second season, which premieres in its entirety Tuesdays at 7:30 pm from June 11 – July 16. In addition to food and fashion, the six episodes explore other areas of green living such as reconnecting with nature, transportation, water and art.

Viewers can learn more about the people featured in the TV series through video profiles and stories on their campaigns to help the planet at

Also launching on Earth Day is the new GreenHeroes Academy mobile app. The app encourages GreenHeroes viewers to become doers. Users take on missions and challenges inspired by the TV series and earn points that move them up the ranks from recruit to “green hero” status. With interactive gaming tools and social media engagement, every action offers an opportunity to understand more about the environment and ultimately contribute to helping the Earth.

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