Editorial: To Be Expected

The decision was surprising, but the reaction of the sycophants was both expected and lacking any fact checking.

The mayor of Windsor, Eddie Francis, doesn’t think that the decision by the Property Standards Committee (PSC) has any legal standing. This from a lawyer who has never really practiced law.

The Windsor Star attempted to smear John Middleton, the committee member who tabled the motion ordering the Bridge Company to demolish the west end homes “forthwith.”

Additionally, those at the Star simply regurgitated the mayor’s comments without checking into the validity of what he was saying.

The fact remains that the PSC, under the provincial legislation, has the authority to order the buildings to be demolished. Buildings because they certainly aren’t anyone’s homes, and over the years they have ceased to be inhabitable.

Furthermore, there may be no need for the Bridge Company to seek and obtain a demolition permit.

Case in point. The Building Department issued an order for the home owner on Howard Ave to immediately demolish that house after a recent fire there. The Building Inspector had even telephoned a demolition crew and had a bulldozer on stand-by the same evening. No permit was required to be sought.

The order by the PSC is a de facto demolition permit, issued with the same authority as a Building Inspector. Even approval from Council may not be needed.

If there is no “forthwith” court injunction preventing the demolition of the buildings, then it can be expected that bulldozers will appear on scene shortly.

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