Windsor Loses A Good One

By Robert Tuomi

(WINDSOR, ON) – The rose city is losing one of its brightest community supporters and who cannot blame the mayor of Windsor, an Edgar Francis, for this latest subtraction from the city’s brain trust. It appears that Denny Timm has become nothing if not the poster boy for the Mayor’s failures. And if students at the University of Windsor have their say it is just another example of the mayor overlooking Windsor’s talent.

From a young age, Timm has been actively working his heart out to help the city. What did one particular member of the city’s inward and selfish council do to reward Timm. Nothing. Well nothing except show a community volunteer the true meaning of inward.

Timm was and continues, until June, to be a member of the Windsor Public Library’s Board. Before that he was co-chair of the mayor’s youth committee, no less and served on other committees and boards. But he could be heard on radio news reports on April 30, 2012 complaining that acting Library Board chair Hilary Payne has kept him and the remaining members of the disintegrating board in the dark about all the goings on during the disgraced Al Maghnieh confidence crisis.

Timm really shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Payne is just as inward as his other council members and for that Payne should resign, but he won’t. Timm has probably done more for the community than the inward councilors particularly given that he has served at no cost to the city. He is not, like they are, lined up to feed at the public trough.

But, with the Windsor economy the way it is, no thanks to the mayor, Timm has to leave his hometown to find work. It is a pattern that is nothing if not disconcerting to local university students so much so that it caused the news editor of the University’s student newspaper, the Lance, in its April 18, 2012 edition to ask a few pointed questions under an editorial titled “Mayor Overlooks Windsor’s Talent.”

In the editorial, Stephen Hargreaves recounted how the mayor, in his recent state of the union address, bragged about traveling the world to find jobs for Windsorites. Something that, even after seven trips to China, he has not been able to do.

Hargreaves was particularly upset that Francis made no mention in his speech of working with the University of Windsor and St. Clair College. The news editor could be forgiven for not understanding that Francis does not work with others.

He did not work with Project Ice Track when it wanted to build a private arena that would not require nor put any city money at risk. He is equally not working with anyone on his downtown swimming palace. If he was willing to work with others he not only could have removed the risk surrounding the structure but also created a source of tax revenue for the city like other municipalities have done.

Nonetheless Hargreaves wondered aloud as to why the mayor is not working with others to “retain our graduates or any other plans to harness the people of Windsor in the city’s gentrification. Windsor has thousands of people with great ideas for the city, perhaps he hasn’t taken the time to get to know us.”

Obviously Francis did take the time to know Denny Timm. Not that it has done much good we have now lost one of the good ones.

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