Where Are The Maghnieh Expense Records

After this story, they  had better be  in a safe  place so they  can  be reviewed!  I would  hope that  the  CEO at the  Library  and the  auditors would  have ensured that they  were  in safekeeping so that some assistant would  not inadvertantly shred them in error.

“Court records show that the delay was caused when some documents were destroyed.

“In the course of cleaning my office in Toronto in preparation for a move home to Windsor, Ontario, my assistant inadvertently shredded supporting documentation that the Association Auditor needed as support for the information included in the Return,” Maghnieh wrote in his affidavit submitted to the Superior Court and dated Dec. 21, 2010. “As a consequence, the Auditor said that he could not give an opinion as to whether the Return presents fairly the information contained in the financial records of the Association on which the Return is based.” Maghnieh did not return a call from The Star.” (Craig Pearson  Windsor Star April 27, 2012)

I am certain though that with his CAO experience,  Councillor Payne is way ahead of  me and would  have arranged that immediately after  he  found  out  what  happened  on  April 17  if it  had  not been  done before.


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