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Things were getting a bit slow here at the old Windsor Square corral. There seemed to be a lot of the same old, same old. That makes it tough to write articles that would keep your interest, dear reader.

Fortunately, we have City Council and their fun and games. They’re always good to get the juices going and to refresh us with their shenanigans


No one has yet come up with the name that we should call this matter as far as I know. Except one of the Windsor Square readers wrote to me with his suggestion.

Consider these three comments about the Dwight-Lite expenses:

1) “Maghnieh said he may have charged the occasional sandwich for himself to the card, but nothing major.” (Chris Thompson Windsor Star April 20, 2012)

2) “Maghnieh said he used the card to pay for expensive dinners with alcohol” (Monica Wolfson and Dave Battagello Windsor Star April 21, 2012)

3) “He shared his expense statements with The Star, which preliminary calculations showing he spent close to $3,600 on food and alcohol” (Kristie Pearce Windsor Star April 21, 2012)

What else to call this fiasco but “SANDWICH–GATE!”


It will be interesting to find out, if the traditional media in this City decide to do anything about it, what the Library Board members knew about Sandwich-gate and when. The answers could be shocking.

Moreover, the question is what is the Board going to do about it now. Merely accepting the resignation of Dwight-Lite as Chair is not enough. They must exercise their due diligence.

In my opinion, at a minimum, the Board must call in their outside lawyer and auditor to investigate the fiasco completely. By that, I mean they must look at Library Administration’s role in this fiasco and why a Library employee had to run to the Mayor to spill the beans.


And why do they want to know where I live?

This popped up as I went to the Windsor Star website the other day. The first and only time it has happened.  So far



(This is just one of those cases, dear reader, that is for insiders only. Doug knows exactly what I mean.  I apologize to you for it.)


I truly hope that I do not jinx John Middleton but here goes.

He was the Chair of the Windsor Citizen Crime Prevention Committee and supposedly breached a City Policy and was removed as the Head. However, he is still a member of the Property Standards Committee and in fact was Acting Chair recently.

Dwight-Lite was the Chair of the Windsor Public Library Board who admitted that he breached Board policy with respect to corporate credit cards and has just resigned. However, so far, he is still a member of the Licensing Committee and a bunch of other committees.


Now I  know  how  Korean tourists can be fooled  into  thinking that Windsor  is really Niagara Falls.  After their horrific flight over here, as Gord describes in his column on Saturday, they will be so tired they will believe anything they are told!

I am so pleased that Gord is so concerned about Edgar when he flies to Korea. Actually, I would guess that Edgar’s trips are so short because he must be afraid that Windsor will completely unravel if he is away too long!

I know how difficult it is to fly whether it is first-class or business-class. As I am sure that you will recall, the City changed the rules about which level of service can be used for these long flights.

I did 17 transatlantic flights from Windsor to London, England over a period of about 18 months. I was away from anywhere from a few days to a month or more. I usually traveled business-class but occasionally the Airline took pity on me and bumped me up into first-class.

While Gord told us how horrible Edgar’s flight to Hong Kong via Korean Airlines was, I thought you might be interested in knowing some of the amenities that our poor Mayor was able to utilize on this trip. Of course, I cannot tell you exactly everything because it does depend on which airplane was used because, as an example, Korean Air has three kinds of Business Class seats.


In-flight entertainment

Intransit services

Oh, has anyone ever told us who gets the frequent flyer points for these trips?  And  how many people from the  City  or related organizations were  with  him and  how  much did their  trips cost  in 2011 in total?  Were  spouses or  significant others with them too and  how were their trips  paid for  if any came  along for the  ride?

I know the trip is costly but maybe Edgar can pay for it this way and save taxpayers a few dollars.  At the  same time,  he could meet  up with the  Kia  people to get a  new auto plant  here.

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