People In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

There is an expression that goes something along the lines of “those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.”

It’s good advice that a certain councillor in particular should pay heed especially when Al Maghnieh claims that Alan Halberstadt’s blog, his alleged innuendo’s and allegations over the WFCU arena were “absolutely despicable” (Dalsen Chen, Windsor Star, July 27, 2011).

What is really despicable is maligning a councillor, who had not been made aware of the hastily called “special meeting” of council while he was on vacation – a vacation he had advised council services of on July 22, 2011.

But that didn’t stop Maghnieh from broadcasting his own innuendos on Twitter during the council meeting, calling what KPMG described as an “internal audit” or “post-construction review” a misleading “forensic review.”  Maghnieh also found it “interesting” Halberstadt’s blog has been “shut down.”   I guess the audit was too boring for the “amateur economist.”

Perhaps  Maghnieh should familiarize himself with those socks he told residents to stuff their mouths with, though I would advise washing them first.

Paul Synnott who hosts Halberstadt’s blog said, his server was down and has to “rebuild everything from backups”  hoping to have “everything back to normal this weekend.”

Thank goodness for back ups.  One never knows when back ups of video clips, audio recordings or emails will come in handy.

Nevertheless, it warms the cockles of my heart to  know while important city business is being discussed, such as an audit of a facility built while the councillor lived and worked in Toronto, Maghnieh is obsessing over the councillor’s blog on Twitter.

According to Dalsen Chen, “phone calls to Halberstadt weren’t returned before press time” and stated the councillor’s voice mail informed callers he would be unavailable until August 3″ (Dalsen Chen, Windsor Star, July 27, 2011).

Contacted by email,   Steve Vlachodimos, Deputy Clerk and Senior Manager of Council Services, informed me Counc. Halberstadt had advised him “directly” on July 22, ” he would not be in attendance for meetings of council the week of July 25 through August 3rd.”

Halberstadt,  in response to questions I had emailed wrote, “Dalsen Chen sent a message through the council assistant that he wanted to speak to me regarding the audit.”  He advised Chen,  through the assistant,  it would be “inappropriate” for him “to comment until I thoroughly review the audit released to the public.”  Halberstadt also wanted to “familiarize himself with the in-camera meeting held prior to the public meeting on Wednesday” before commenting.

The councillor also said he had “received no notice before [he] left that a special meeting on the audit would be called.”

Perhaps the Windsor Star lost Halberstadt’s email address or didn’t know how to contact the City Clerk or Council Services at City Hall.   It’s much more dramatic to ask repeatedly on Twitter where he is; or write that he was “conspicuously” absent.

What is conspicuous is why Mayor Francis did not disclose Halberstadt was away on vacation during the council meeting, as he has done with other councillors.  In fact, agenda items have been deferred because of councillor vacations; or if they were tending to city business elsewhere, or illness.

Call me crazy – but this has all the appearances of being an orchestrated effort to lash out at Halberstadt while he enjoyed a family vacation.  Surely, Mayor Francis could have waited until August 4 to release the audit.  Afterall, it was supposed to be released in June, what’s another 5 days?

You know, it’s curious.

The Windsor Star and members of council can reach the Mayor when he’s basking under the Mexican sun; but no one, other than a citizen journalist at the parasitic Windsor Square, can reach Councillor Halberstadt.

But if they had, Councillor Maghnieh would not have had the opportunity to not only be in the paper again, but have his own private 5 minute interview to slam Councillor Halberstadt.

Ubu was indeed a good dog, wasn’t he?

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3 Comments on "People In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones"

  1. bluedog | 29 July 2011 at 10:47 |

    First, you didn’t “reach” Halberstadt. You reached an intermediary who passed on Halberstadt’s quotes. Second, The Star did contact council services which offered the same information. That information appeared in a story Friday. Third, Chen left multiple messages at Halberstadt’s cellphone voice mail and his office. Halberstadt chose not to return the calls. Why do you find that curious?

    • As mberg99 wrote, “Well written, Chris.” However in relation to the comments by bluedog, I think it would behoove an editor to be a better reader. It’s one thing to criticize, it’s another to fully fail to grasp the content spelled out in black and white. But possibly that’s the problem. Nothing is black and white in the Star.

  2. mberg99 | 29 July 2011 at 08:56 |

    Well written, Chris

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