France Ensuring Safety Of Compatriots In Egypt

(PARIS, FRANCE) – Our embassy in Cairo, as well as our entire consular network in Egypt, is mobilized in order to ensure the security of our compatriots living in or traveling through this country:

The embassy’s emergency center and the Consulate General’s 24 hour hotline have been continuously mobilized since the start of the crisis.

Following an informational meeting with the French community at the French lycée in Cairo yesterday (Sunday), our ambassador will meet with our compatriots again on Wednesday. We are in permanent contact with the French companies operating in Egypt.

The Consul General of France in Cairo will hold a coordination meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) with our security network officials.

The embassy is updating in real time the information that it is systematically sending to our compatriots regarding the security situation and applicable advice and recommendations (compliance with the curfew, food supply preparations, avoidance of non-essential travel and avoidance at all costs of the areas close to the demonstrations in the main urban centers).

A consular reception center has been opened at Cairo Airport in order to help our compatriots: the lack of personnel on the ground (airlines, customs and immigration, baggage handling), the curfew and computer problems are causing congestion at the airport and are seriously disrupting normal operations.

All of the diplomatic representatives of the Member States of the EU in Cairo are engaging in continuous consultations in order to exchange analyses and information, pool resources and coordinate responses to the problems that may arise.

Regarding the measures taken by other countries with respect to their nationals:

According to the latest information released this morning (January 31), the advice provided by our British and American partners to their national communities only relates to departures “on a voluntary basis” on commercial flights or possibly special flights; in any case, these are in return for payment. We are not talking about an evacuation at this time.

Our German and Italian partners have issued similar recommendations to those given by France: no directive ordering people to leave, individuals should comply with the curfew and exercise extreme caution when traveling. A teleconference between the European partners is scheduled to take place late morning to discuss the situation in detail and to consider the possibility of joint measures.

Our embassy is in continuous contact with the Egyptian authorities in order to make certain that everything is being done, at all times and throughout the Egyptian territory, to ensure the security of our citizens.

Our diplomatic and consular representatives have so far not had to intervene in any serious security situations for any of our compatriots.

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