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Advertising Opportunities

The annual home tour of Windsor Square has been attracting as many as 2,500 attendees. In line with this, selected modern houses, architectural designs, and garden tours are included for the attendees to visit.

Advertisers are given opportunities that include advertising discounts, booths, rates, and complimentary tickets. Before the placement of the advertisement, payment must be done 2 months before the home tour.

Recent News



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Security Patrol Program

The security program consists of block watch services that patrol the whole residences 24/7 and ensure the security of each person within Windsor Square. All lines are open for any reports of crime or activities within the area.
The program also includes a $5 fee holiday/vacation program for residents who want daily monitoring of their homes when unoccupied….


Historic District Dues

Windsor Square also supports historic dues and upcoming events across all ages. Upcoming events include holiday gathering and Halloween, annual Children’s party, Children with Special needs events, daily maintenance of the water irrigation, security patrol program, and safety of the residence block watch under security patrol program and legal expenses….


Dues and Security Patrol

Windsor Square payment options include payment through cheque, online payment, and card payment. Windsor Square supports recreational activities such as children’s organization and clubs, neighbourhood children’s party, civic involvement, holiday gathering such as Halloween, water areas maintenance, legal and tax expenses, security patrol, and zoning enforcement.
Safety patrols include a 24/7 residential watch and even a “calls for service”. The introduction of the program has significantly decreased the crime rate over the past 5 years. Residents can opt for a $5 home watch …


Windsor Square Bags Award as “The Best Neighbourhood”

A recent magazine from Canada has named Windsor Square as the best neighbourhood across parts of the country. Over 50 residences have applied for the said award with different categories considered.
Categories for the said award include the following:

Walkability for the pedestrians
Loving nature which means more greener space, trees, and parks
Quality and novelty of the houses
Ease of doing business
Group of neighbours
The diversity of culture
Safety and security programs


Windsor Square’s Best Big City Neighbourhood Achievement

After the recent award is given to Windsor Square, another milestone has been achieved by the residences. Windsor Square was included as one of the best Big City Neighbourhoods across Canada.
According to the result, the neighbourhood’s best achievement is its mid-century cottages. The annual home tour of Windsor Square is also considered an excellent program for people who want to understand its history and how architectural designs have evolved and influenced modern design houses.
The location is also very strategic as it is near the commercial streets and at the same time…