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What to Wear in Phoenix?

There are two main purposes of clothes and custom t shirts Canada: the first one is for protection, and the second is for fashion. Now, despite the freedom of expression in clothes, there are still some guidelines that should be wisely followed. There are also different factors in choosing what to wear, and one of those is the location.

The climate and activities in a certain area matter in choosing the appropriate clothes to wear. Let’s take Phoenix for example. When deciding what to wear in Phoenix, one has to consider the everyday weather and popular activities in the place. Phoenix has a desert-like climate. Days there are quite scorching, afternoons are sunny, while the nights in the coldest months drop down to zero and beyond. So, what should one wear in Phoenix?

Short Sleeves

During the days, the temperature is quite high. Wearing short sleeves, kind of like those custom t-shirts, will help you endure the heat. Preferably, wear short sleeves that are in light colors as darker colors absorb more heat.


To really beat the heat, wear shorts. The shorts you wear do not have to be extremely short or like the ones you wear inside the house. Walking shorts would do. Pair your short sleeves with shorts that have a reasonable length. For women, around the thighs would do; for men, a few inches above the knees is good.


Jeans are ideal in almost all types of climate. They’re people’s go-to bottoms. Jeans can shield your legs from the heat of the sun during the day and protect you from the chilly weather at night.

Breathable Long Sleeves

If you’re trying to avoid getting burned by the sun, you can wear breathable long sleeves. These are long sleeves that shield your arms from the heat of the sun while allowing you to breathe through its thin material at the same time.

Jacket/ Sweater

Jackets and sweaters or cardigans are recommendable during the cold months. Yes, Phoenix has a desert-like climate, but don’t forget that on winter nights, the temperature drops down to zero and, sometimes, even reaches a negative temperature.


Of course, sunglasses are a must too. With the sunny days of Phoenix, one must have at least one pair of sunglasses to enjoy the view despite the sometimes excessive brightness of the sun.


For footwear, sandals are the best and most common choice of the people living in Phoenix. These allow people to enjoy the sand at the beaches without worrying about shaking it all off more times than they would like.

Walking Shoes

Although sandals are popular, it’s still advisable that you have at least one pair of walking shoes. In places where the floor is more solid than the sand, walking shoes would be the wiser choice to wear.

Casual Wear for Resorts

Phoenix also offers great resorts, so if you’re staying there, better be sure that you have some casual wear for some lunches and dinners. The button-down top would do it for men while knee-length dresses would be ideal for women.


Especially if you’re staying at a resort, it’s kind of an obvious tip to pack yourself some swimwear. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy the whole Phoenix experience.


Even if you’re not a fan of some the clothing articles listed, it’s still recommendable to get yourself one or two of each kind. These clothing tips are not just for fashion after all. They are advised to people for both their protection and comfort too.