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Guest Post

We are looking for contributors for our website. Before we get to the guidelines, you should know we only consider exceptional pieces that fit Windsor Square. Once your guest article is considered, we are willing to post your article on our site. Whether we accept your guest post or not depends on quality, length, and topic.

Things to Take Note Of:

  • Original content with a range from 1,500 to 2,000 words
  • We need the whole write-up, not just a gist of it
  • Quick “how-to” guides and marketing hacks are a big No-No
  • Elevate our readers; don’t highlight yourself as if you’re better
  • We allow an opportunity to promote your brand as part of your article BUT not too much

Writing Traits that We Look for:

  • Conversational tone, which includes a bit of a storytelling
  • Simplified enough for almost everyone to understand
  • Has to be well-researched
  • With an exciting introduction and a solid ending
  • Must be relatable to the intended audience

Our Intended Audience:

  • Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs

Some Topics That We Hope to See:

  • All about how to become productive
  • Ideas good for entrepreneurial and business activities (excluding freelancing, online marketing)
  • Relating to creativity
  • Nerdy stuff
  • Writing guides

If you have any inquiries or submissions, fill out the contact form below. Good luck!

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